By Lisa Krysiak

Here we go again. It’s the beginning of a New Year and for those of you that decided to travel over this last holiday…well, you already know that you should have anticipated travel issues; it is WINTER folks. One must always prepare for possible delays in the winter months, regardless if you are driving or flying over any holiday. Covid continues to surge throughout the U.S. at this time, partially due to the millions that decided to travel; you have vaccinated and unvaccinated people now crowding in airports, hotels, restaurants and even some stores with returns. One of the worst things I’ve seen, are people in public bathrooms where kids and adults don’t wash their hands and walk out; it is hard not to say something, but with so many disgruntled, angry people out there today, who wants a confrontation, as it could pose a real threat to your life. I don’t see any clear answer here, except to be kind and practice being patient with one another.

The world is divided, and human behaviors continue to erupt through this pandemic; giving way to an array of violent acts in some very public places, such as airplanes. This type of behavior is seen across America every day. Sadly there’s not much we can do about ‘others’ behaviors, but those of us that know better need to set the example. It’s like starting over. Remind yourself of the important things you were taught; patience, and treat others the way you expect to be treated and always show respect. For myself…this almost feels like something long forgotten (respect for others), especially when you see these terrible behaviors on the news or social media sites.

Patience is a virtue; my mother says this all of the time. I admit, lately it’s been wearing thin…but I must remind myself every morning that I get to start fresh; a new day. We all need encouragement to forge on through these times, and practicing patience will help us to become more mindful of ourselves, as well as others. There are too many boiling factors out there; this was the reason for my mention of the holiday travel…as frustration grows among people, like an internal melting pot. Practicing patience aids in a calmer demeanor and the ability to think clearer, because emotions can often unravel when feeling rushed to make quick decisions. It’s similar to driving on the road, and suddenly someone pulls out right in front of you…do you lay on the horn (feeling totally irritable) because of the inconvenience, or do you take a more cognitive approach and release your foot from the gas, realizing that it’s hard to pull out with lots of traffic? It’s one or the other really. It’s how people are reacting to situations; irrational decision making and poor judgment can cause a lot of stress; unnecessarily of course.

Practicing patience can lead you to a calmer and more peaceful lifestyle. With patience… happiness is often a result, cultivating in better choices and an overall healthier well-being. I like to think of it as ‘Yoga’ for the mind and soul. Pay attention to your feelings when you leave your home today, whether you’re in the car or in line somewhere, practice patience…and then KINDNESS happens; it’s that simple. We could all use more kindness in the world today, so be patient…and watch what happens.

Make your week count.

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