The City of Mesquite has installed, according to some residents, a much-needed and long-awaited, traffic light on the corner of Hafen Ln. and Riverside Rd.

Mesquite Police alert residents that the light is not yet functional so please be aware that the two-way stop is still the norm and please obey all traffic rules accordingly.

Pedestrians can and will continue to use the crosswalks that exist on both Riverside Dr. and Hafen Ln.

Some residents feel that city funds should be spent installing traffic lights in areas where they may be more needed such as in front of the Walmart entrance off of Pioneer Blvd. Most however, are extremely pleased and feel that traffic will be far more manageable once the traffic light is working. The speed limit on Riverside is 40mph and crossing Riverside Rd via Hafen Ln. is often a precarious situation for some motorists as well as pedestrians.

Mesquite Police will inform the public via their Facebook Page as to when the light will be functional.

To keep up to date on the situation, please visit their page

Photo courtesy of MPD.


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