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Golden Rules for Responsible Pet Ownership

  1. Choose your type and breed of pet carefully.
  2. Be sure that your dog and your cat are licensed and wearing their tags.
  3. Train your dog and your cat so that it is well behaved and not a nuisance to other people.
  4.  Ensure that your pets are not free to roam.
  5. Keep your dog on a leash whenever it is off your property, unless it is in a designated off-leash area.
  6. Be sure they are spayed or neutered.
  7. Please remember that regular visits to your vet will help to keep your animal in good health.
  8. Do not allow your pet to foul the sidewalks, streets, gardens or parks. Carry a bag to collect your dog’s litter and remove it immediately.
  9. Keep your dog and cat clean and groom them on a regular basis.
  10. Give your dog or cat proper food, shelter and exercise.
  11. Make proper care arrangements for your pet (s) during vacations and holidays.
  12. If you are no longer able to care for your dog or cat, make sure it has another home to go to or place it with an animal shelter.
  1. A pet is your companion for life.

Featured Dog- Hank

Australian cattle dog/blue heeler. Loves people and playing fetch. He will play for hours and still have energy to spare. Hank will need lots of exercise to keep from becoming bored. He loves going for walks

Other available dogs

Maverick We cant stress enough how much he needs lots of exercise.

Featured cats- Brothers Koko and Peli


4 year old brothers 16 lbs and 18 lbs. Big boys. Beautiful blue eyes. They love attention and being petted. They came in together and we would like them to go together to a new home.

If you’d like to visit with our adoptable pets, PLEASE CALL TO SET UP AN APPOINTMENT (702) 346-5268. The shelter is open, but an appointment is required prior to arrival. Thank you!

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