We Care for Animals featured pet is Jimmy:  We rescued Jimmy from a shelter where he was going to be euthanized for extreme fear. We don’t know Jimmy’s history before landing in the shelter, but he obviously wasn’t given the love and socialization that every pet needs. Jimmy has been in foster care for several weeks in a calm and loving environment, and he has made a lot of progress. Jimmy is really sweet but very shy towards people. He has never shown aggression to anyone. He wants very much to trust but he finds it difficult at times to commit all the way. He will come up to his foster mom most of the time when there is food involved. Jimmy would benefit greatly in a calm and loving home (no small children) with someone home most of the time and who is committed to gain Jimmy’s trust and take his confidence to the next level. Jimmy may not be a lap dog, but he really enjoys belly rubs. Jimmy loves playing with other dogs similar in size. Having another small playful dog as a companion for Jimmy would be a plus. Jimmy enjoys hanging out in the yard and lying in the sun. He would enjoy a home with a safe and secure backyard. He does well on leash and on walks. He is housetrained with a dog door. Jimmy is a Chihuahua mix with long legs. He is approximately 3 years of age and weighs 13.4 lbs. He is neutered, current on his vaccines and microchipped. To express interest, please complete our online adoption application at wecareforanimals.org. Jimmy’s adoption fee is $100.


Don’t forget WCFA has a small pet food bank to help those still having a tough time and need some pet food.  Please contact Karen at 435-862-9574 and WCFA will provide you with some needed pet food.


OUR NEXT PET ADOPTION WILL BE January 22, 2022 at 150 N. Yucca, Suite 1, Mesquite, from 9 AM TO 11 AM.    To view our adoptable cats and dogs, please go to wecareforanimals.org and scroll our Home page to our Petfinder links for each pet. By clicking on the individual pet links, you will be able to read a bio for each pet and other pertinent information.  All of our pets are (or will be) spayed or neutered, current on vaccines and microchipped.

To express interest in any of our adoptable pets, please complete our online adoption application at wecareforanimals.org. We will then get in touch with you to answer questions and do a meet and greet as appropriate.  If you have questions, please call Karen at 435-862-9574 or Linda at 702-376-1642.


Adoptable Cats:

Ash (Ash possibly has a forever home) and Wanda are still looking for their forever homes.  These sweet black kittens are so fun.  They love to play with toys.  These kittens are about 22 weeks old, have been altered, micro chipped and are current on vaccines.

Sebastian is a handsome orange tabby, about 1 ½ years old.  He has been neutered, micro chipped and has received all vaccines. Sebastian is very friendly and is doing fine at his foster home with other cats.  Sebastian’s owner recently passed and there was no other family to take him in.  He would love a new forever home for the New Year.

Adoptable Dogs:

Handsome Mikey is a sweet, happy and social 5-month old puppy, a Chihuahua-Border Collie mix. Mikey weighs just under 15 lbs and shouldn’t weigh more than 16-17 lbs if that. Mikey is doing very well on his house training and sleeps through the night in a crate in his foster home. He whines when he needs to go out and would easily learn to use a doggy door. Mikey is neutered, current on all of his vaccines and microchipped. Adoption applications accepted online at wecareforanimals.org. Mikey’s adoption fee is $150.



Calamity Jane

 Calamity Jane is ready to be adopted!!!! “Cali” looks like an adorable 10 pound, 6 month old terrier-mix puppy, but take our word for it, she’s actually a furry T-Rex!!!! Cali was picked up from a Vegas shelter over a month ago. The shelter stated she had multiple fractures at various stages of healing on both front legs, and she wouldn’t put any weight on the left leg at all. Oh, and possible head trauma on top of that! She saw our vet and it was determined that she has Rickets, a condition that causes the bones to be weak and soft, usually from a vitamin D deficiency. She’s been on a high quality food and kept calm (as calm as a T-Rex can be!) for a month and at her last exam, the bones are getting strong and the fractures are healing! She’ll get x-rays again in a few weeks. What this means for a potential adopter is that she’ll always need to be on a high-quality food. She currently has a bit of a hop and a hobble as the left leg is still healing, but it doesn’t slow her down one bit. That may go away, she may have the hobble forever, or the vet may recommend physical therapy (to be determined at her next appointment). Other than that, she is a totally normal 6 month old puppy. No, that’s not true, she’s got more energy than any puppy ever! Due to her restrictions in order for her legs to heal, her foster hasn’t been able to work with her on all of her manners in the normal way. She needs training! Cali is not potty trained. She’ll get it, sooner or later, but if you have any carpet or rugs in your home, she will go to the bathroom on them, and possibly chew them up. Cali is noisy! Again, working on manners, but she barks when she plays, when she isn’t getting her way, etc. She doesn’t bark non-stop, just when she’s trying to communicate, but it’s enough to advise that she should not live in an apartment or shared wall scenario! Cali is mischievous! She knocked/pulled over the Christmas tree, twice! Her foster’s holiday spirit was packed up and put away the beginning of December! If you have decor or knickknacks, she will try her best to destroy them!! Cali doesn’t understand personal space and will be at your feet (sometimes trying to chew your shoes) while you are walking. She needs an owner with Ninja-like reflexes and the grace of a ballerina to ensure you don’t trip over her or step on her (remember, her bones are a little more fragile than the average dog). Cali loves toys, and will play with them, but if the opportunity arises for her to play with/chew on something she’s not supposed to (shoes, electrical cords, etc.), she’ll take it! Cali loves to play with other dogs! Wrestle Mania with her foster sisters is her favorite activity! If Cali goes to a home with other dogs (that would be best for her), the other dog must be willing to play and be jumped & chewed on. He/she must be able to set boundaries with Cali and tell her “no, I’m done playing” without hurting her. That may seem like a lot, but really, she’s just a high-energy puppy that needs to learn manners. Totally do-able for the right person. To summarize, here’s the qualities needed for Cali’s potential adopter: -patience of a saint! -previous experience training a T-Rex to become a well-behaved puppy, or the money to hire someone to train her. -have a home with a secure yard (she’ll need a secure, safe place to burn off energy doing the zoomies!). -Ninja reflexes and ballerina grace. -$$$ – the funds to be able to provide her with top quality food, and possible physical therapy. -have another playful and tolerant dog

Spay/Neuter Assistance

WCFA offers low-cost spay/neuter assistance for very limited income pet owners in Mesquite, Bunkerville and the Arizona Strip and we also offer TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) for community (feral) cats.  Spay/neuter applications are available at Mesquite Veterinary Clinic located at 371 Riverside Road and at Virgin Valley Veterinary Hospital at 660 Hardy Way, Suite 44.  You may also call WCFA at 702-346-3326 to leave a message or visit wecareforanimals.org to contact us by email.  Spay/neuter is a health benefit to your pet and prevents accidental litters that overburden shelters and rescues.

Fostering Saves Lives

Fostering is a commitment to save homeless pets.  Fosters provide a safe haven for a cat or dog until it is adopted.  Sharing foster responsibilities with another foster is also an option.  Fostering could be one of the most rewarding experiences for you.  To express interest in fostering, please complete our online foster application at wecareforanimals.org.

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