Information submitted by Phyllis Marshall, Beaver Dam Resident

Beaver Dam resident Phyllis Marshall alerted Mohave County Sheriffs and other officials of a private property owner’s “road block.” Approximately 20 residences have only one road into their area and an out of town property owner blocked it off on Jan 12 using huge concrete blocks.

The road block stopped an ambulance from getting to a property beyond the barricade and EMT’s had to walk an elderly man out of the area to get to the ambulance.

Residents aren’t going to stand for that and the county was immediately contacted.

Photo by Cherry Thomas

These are the responses and statements from Mohave County.

Mohave County Sheriff Response

“The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office is aware of a blocked roadway situation in the Beaver Dam/ Littlefield area involving Joshua Tree Ave. (Old Pioneer). We are working with the Mohave County Attorney’s Office and County Roads Department to resolve this situation. A deputy will be on scene to escort children home from the bus stop at the roadway pending calls for service.”

County Response

“To those in the Beaver Dam/Littlefield area, Mohave County is aware of the situation in the Beaver Dam area where local access to residents has been blocked. Mohave County did not close the road. A private property owner may have blocked the roadway and investigation is ongoing. Mohave County staff recognize the need to maintain access and is assessing the situation, gathering information and considering options to maintain access; Mohave County staff and the Sheriff’s office are working to resolve this matter. County staff is researching the property ownership facts related to this matter and is working diligently toward an acceptable solution; Updates will be provided as they become available.”

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