Washington County News Jan. 14, 1910

Bunkerville, Jan. 14- Our teachers, having been unable to get here on account of the floods, the school commenced again last Monday with Knewel and Vica Leavitt as teachers.

We expect the water to be in our town again in three weeks. There are twenty teams working each day which shows the grit of Bunkerville.

Mrs. Jesse Waite, who gave birth to a baby girl three weeks ago, is very sick having taken cold and it seems to have settled in her side.

George Crosby of Big Horn Country, Wyo, is a guest of Bishop Bunker the last few days. He is on his way to Arizona.

Edward Cox returned today from St. George bringing with him our primary teacher Miss Maud Rencher.

Las Vegas Age-Jan. 15, 1910

Bunkerville-Virgin River Suffers Most Destructive Flood in


Jan. 3, 1910

One of the most destructive floods that ever went down the Virgin River has just passed this place. A great deal of land has been washed away and much property has been destroyed. The home of H.P. Iverson, 15 miles up the river from here has been washed away also his new wagon, granary with a hundred bushels of wheat, hay stacks, and corral.

The haystacks and corral of Samuel Reber Sr. have also washed away. The river is now close to a number of houses and much of the land is gone. We hear the land of Joseph Metzer and Hobbs has been nearly all washed away. The dam and head works of the ditch and some of the farms at Mesquite have also gone down the river. Bunkerville has suffered much as the dam and number of mile of the ditch has been washed away as well as some farming land.

Some places where the water ditch was located the banks are from 10-20 feet high. It will require a heroic effort on the part of the people to get the water in and save their crops this year.

The flood which passed here the latter part of August last, cost us many thousands of dollars but the damage is not to be compared with this.

We are pleased to say no lives have been lost as far as we can learn. Some of the people are discouraged and some are hopeful.


Teacher’s Examinations

Teachers’ examinations were conducted by Judge Thomas on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. There were four candidates for teacher’ certificates-Bert Miller of Logan, Miss Garbury of Crescent, Mrs. Leavitt of Mesquite and E Thornbaugh of Overton. The papers have been forwarded to the Superintendent of Public Instructions who will award the coveted certificates.

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