I love performing, and I have always loved the VVTG, as a performer and an audience member. That love affair has ended, due to the current requirement that people must be fully vaccinated to audition. Perhaps the powers that be can explain this requirement, considering that the CDC now admits that (1) virtually everyone will get Omicron, regardless of vaccine status; (2) the vaccine will likely reduce the severity of illness for the recipient, but does not prevent even the fully vaccinated from contracting or spreading COVID; (3) without 4 or more co-morbidities, chances of hospitalization or death are significantly smaller.
Furthermore, the VVTG makes no allowance for natural immunity, even though more and more studies agree that those who have had a previous infection have significantly stronger and more long-lasting immunity than previously understood. On the other hand, the CDC now admits that vaccine efficacy (even for those with boosters) drops off sharply after 30 days and is virtually gone after 3 months.
What happened to, “follow the science”?

Miriam Samuels

2 thoughts on “Letter to the editor-Samuels”
  1. Teri, did you write this letter? It sounds just like you. The VVTG has every right to set policies to protect its actors and audience. And you have the right to go along with them or not go along. Freedom is wonderful.

    1. No, I didn’t. If I had written the letter, my name would be on the signature line. You know I don’t hide my opinions.

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