Washington County News Jan. 26, 1910

Bunkerville, NV Jan. 26- Our men folks are working like busy beavers to get the water in town again and unless spring floods soon come we will have it in town by two weeks.

Vica Leavitt and Rhoda Wittwer have returned to Cedar City to resume their studies. They came down for holidays and were held here on account of the storms.

Monday no school was held, and in its stead students and teachers went there with brooms and mop rags and cleaned up the building both inside and out.

Two new baby girls have arrived in town this week, one at Nephi Hunt’s and the at Hugh Bunker’s.

Mrs. Laura Knight is down from Santa Clara waiting on her daughter, Vina, during her confinement.

We are having spring weather and the cotton wood trees show signs of budding.

Bp Bunker and Ira Earl have gone to Littlefield to meet the railroad surveyors.

A new lumber room has been added to Annie Cox’s residence.


Washington County News Jan. 27, 1900

Littlefield- Thomas Terry is here from his ranch on the Beaverdam wash.

M.I.A. Missionary Arthur Maxwell holds a meeting here tonight, the 24th.

Parley Hunt, returned missionary, passed thru here Sunday enroute to his home in Bunkerville.

Otilla Ense, who has been here with her sister Mrs. Joseph Reber during the latter’s critical confinement, left for her home in Santa Clara on the 24th.

Several of our people attended the missionary welcome party held in Bunkerville yesterday and last night. They report having had a most enjoyable time.

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