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As radKids instructors, (Resisting Aggression Defensively), Rod Frieling, Dena Hoff, and Duane and Kimberly Thurston have taught more than 1,800 children in this valley since 2007.
radKIDS is a Personal Empowerment Safety Education program. Some of the key things’ children are taught:
1. It’s Not Your Fault
2. No One Has the Right to Hurt You or You to Hurt Them unless you are in Danger
3. To Yell Loud “No, You’re Not my Mom or my Dad” Cause a Scene, Hit Hard and Run to Safety.
The time has come for these radKIDS Instructors to retire from the program. They are hoping there will be those who will pick up the torch and continue this valuable program for children. If you’re interested, contact NV Childseekers in Las Vegas or any of the above-mentioned instructors.
The Mesquite radKIDS Instructors would like to offer thanks for the support and means over the years to J.L. Bowler Elementary School, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 4-H, parents of the students, volunteers, several local businesses, and the Las Vegas NV Childseekers. A huge thanks to the radKIDS Instructors who donated their time and energy making the program a success.


Redmen Duane Thurston, Rod Frieling
radKIDS Class 2012
radKIDS Class 2012
radKIDS 2015 Nite Out

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