By Teri Nehrenz

Mesquite Today is pleased to announce that we’ve been invited to partake in a Hot Air Balloon ride courtesy of Mesquite Gaming.

The Mesquite Hot Air Balloon Festival (MHABF) begins tomorrow, the launch is scheduled for approximately 7:30 a.m.

If you are able, you won’t want to miss this event; it’s one of the biggest of the year and it keeps getting bigger. You are not going to want to miss the beautiful colors you will see floating in the hopefully blue skies over Mesquite on Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings. (Weather permitting)

I have had many opportunities to take that ride from the first year Barb Ellestad offered it to me in 2016. It was an enjoyable venture and the experience was amazing.

During subsequent MHABF events I have also been offered the opportunity and chose to give it to a first-timer so I can write about their experience. I’m going a bit different this year. This year we’re sending up Jeff Dorsten again. I can tell you, he’s plenty excited. We won’t compare the experience, we’ll add to it.

Mesquite Today will bring you live coverage of the event. Check out our facebook page at Mesquite Today or my personal page It is a fairly long event so jump in any time, we’ll try our best to follow the ride from launch to landing.

Mesquite Today wants to personally thank Mesquite Gaming for bringing this exciting event to our community each year and thanks for the invite. Up up and away.

You can read about Jeff’s experience during the 9th annual MHABF held in 2020 here:

Stay tuned to see how the second one goes.

Some pictures from the 2020 event below. All Photos by Teri Nehrenz 2020




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