From Councilman Wes Boger-
1. Number of shortage of licensed staff for Mesquite schools.
Per HR: Virgin Valley ES has 1 vacancy currently covered by the SOSA. Hughes MS has 2 vacancies and both are covered (long-term sub and SOSA). Virgin Valley HS has 2 vacancies and both are covered (long-term sub and SOSA).
2.  Number of shortage of bus drivers for Mesquite schools.
Per transportation: They are short one driver.
3. What’s the COVID protocol for students and staff to remain at school?
Per SSD: The COVID-19 protocol is determined on a case by case basis as outlined in the reopening guide documents. Vaccination status (of students/staff) is also a factor for consideration to remain on a school campus. Staff and students who are asymptomatic that wear a mask appropriately are not required to quarantine. If a positive case is discovered, a team review is done to determine exposures, close contacts, and the possible need for quarantine and/or isolation.
4. % of staff that are vaccinated and the date they need to be vaccinated by.
Per SSD: School principals can determine the self reported vaccinated staff at their campus based on the information that is in the emocha Health platform. This is not something that the district has access to by school. The percent of staff vaccinated is not collected by site at this time. A date for the vaccination mandate or the process has not been determined for vaccination implementation. Unvaccinated staff or staff choosing not to provide their vaccination record verification are required to continue participating in weekly COVID-19 testing.  

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