On January 26, 2022, our Elks Lodge honored The City of Mesquite Police and Fire Departments at a luncheon. This week has been a very hard week for our First Responders community in our country.

Recently, we lost two New York City police officers and three Baltimore firefighters. As difficult it is to have these losses we must continue on in life. Our simplicities are with the families and Departments that have suffered these losses.

It was fitting that we recognize our Police and Fire Departments of the city. We are very fortunate to have the caliber of Police Officers and Firefighters that serve our city. These responders are the first line of response to any situation that goes beyond what a citizen can handle. Sometimes we think, “why did someone call 911 for that”? Each of us has different abilities to deal with things that we are faced with. It is good to know we have the First Responders we can call when we need help.

Thank you, Mesquite Fire Department and Mesquite Police Department, for your service to our city. God bless you and keep you safe.

Mesquite Police Department Officers:
Left to Right: Kris Weiland, ER of Mesquite Elks Lodge, Chief Maquade Chesley, Detective Ian McOmie, Lt Fails, volunteer Craig Smith was not in the picture submitted photo
Mesquite Fire Fighters:
Left to Right: Kris Weiland, ER of Mesquite Elks Lodge, Neil Heiselbetz, Chief Andrus and volunteer, Larry Wait. submitted photo


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