By Teri Nehrenz


Finally, the world is waking up!

People are now realizing that these imposed control measures are out of control. There is nothing scientifically correct in “following the science” and our government “leaders” aren’t looking out for anyone’s best interest but their own.

If CYA were a hat, nearly everyone in Washington would be wearing one.

Good always wins over evil.

People are beginning to open their eyes to the blatant hypocrisy of politics, mainstream media, and cancel culture is becoming cannibalistic. They suspended Whoopie Goldberg! She’s one of their own and they threw her right under the bus as they should have. There are many others who need to be called out for the same BS; I’ll wait and see what happens. I’m sure she didn’t see that coming.

The U.S. Supreme Court said no, no to mandates for private businesses.

Truckers all over the country are saying enough is enough. There are miles-long convoys in protest of vaccine mandates and more being organized. Good for them! It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it. Let’s see how long it takes to end this mess when Washington can’t get their caviar.

Things are beginning to happen closer to home as well. Clark County Sheriff, Joe Lombardo, recently announced that he will end the vaccine mandate for new hires. There is currently no mandate for veteran officers.

The vaccine requirement was added to the hiring process in the summer of 2021.

The requirement was lifted a little over a week ago due to the decline in positive covid cases within the department.

While Sheriff Lombardo does support vaccines, he feels it should remain a personal choice.

The Las Vegas Police Union reportedly welcomes the change and never was in support of vaccine mandates. It has been suggested that interest in becoming a Metro Police Officer has increased since the mandate was lifted.

The U.S. Military has three Top Military Officials reporting, “the occurrence of disease in military personnel across all categories for the previous five years averaged 1.7 million. Ten months after the vaccine program launched, it jumped to nearly 22 million.” Three diseases topping the list are heart attacks, Pericarditis and Myocarditis. Pulmonary Embolism is fourth.

These are also what perfectly healthy children and athletes are being affected by and dropping dead of recently after being vaccinated. Some reports state up to 108 but the ‘fact checkers’, who have recently been forced in court to admit they are only “opinion checkers”, will argue that number.

We aren’t completely there yet, some are still yawning and stretching but I feel like belting out a “Good Morning Sunshine” is coming soon. I can hardly wait. The past two years have been a nightmare.



7 thoughts on “Good Morning Sunshine”
  1. The reason the last two years were a nightmare is people like you Teri. Trump politicized the pandemic and as a result, 500,000 people died for no reason. I am currently in Chile and they take Covid seriously. Their Covid stats, like every country in the world, is substantially better than ours. Only an immature person would object to wearing a mask. I was in Southeast Asia in the late 60’s and people wore masks to protect others when they were sick. Masks work and vaccines have saved millions of lives. Even Trump is fully vaccinated and boosted. He had a very severe case of Covid and is alive today only because of science. Teri, you were embarrassed by Q and now you are embarrassed by science.

    1. Apparently, the news has escaped you in Chile. They are currently the most vaccinated country in the world (they just surpassed Israel) and their covid numbers are climbing dramatically; up to well over two million while the US cases continue to decline.
      And Trump is alive today because of science and a doctor who prescribed him Hydroxycholorine; on that, we agree.

  2. I fear Mr Petrillo may be oversampling some of those delicious Chilean Cabernets. There have been numerous mistakes made by many people, but as something new, I understand the concern, the panic, and the desire to come up with a solution. One of the biggest problems for me was the reluctance to integrate the continuing stream of new information into the mitigation programs. I understand that it’s extremely difficult to admit that you’re wrong (unless you’re married and then it becomes routine) but it was imperative. No politician or self-important official wants to see an endless campaign clip of themself admitting they made a mistake, so they obfuscate, deny, and distract to the peril of the general population. There are multiple examples, but what I think is one of the most egregious errors was not recognizing the value of enhanced natural immunization due to prior infection. Despite those prior infections, numerous Government employees and private company employees were terminated because they had not been vaccinated, and that was a real shame. At some point in the future when it ceases to be a political issue, I believe the overall reflection to this pandemic will be comparable to a prescription of a good bleeding by leeches.

  3. 900,000 people would love to have been vaccinated. Trump is directly responsible for these deaths as he repeatedly lied about the seriousness of the pandemic. You sycophants also have blood on your hands. Our own do nothing Insurrectionist Annie Black led the politicizing of Covid way back in March, 2020. (Sam Peters will crush her in June). Go ahead, get your medical advice from Joe Rogan. I will go with the experts. Remember, there are people out there who are making a fortune passing on misinformation.

    Fact – masks work. Fact – vaccines work. Fact – the US is not leading the world in controlling the pandemic. Fact – only ignorant people would ignore the experts and believe the charlatans. What side of history will you be on? Not the right side.

    1. Perhaps you can answer some questions then.
      If masks work, why didn’t they work? Numbers skyrocketed during the mask mandate periods and those touting the importance of wearing them didn’t. All the politicians were caught in large public gatherings without the protection they deemed imperative to our survival. So crucial to “slowing the spread”, they mandated them.
      If vaccines work, why aren’t they working? It is vaccinated getting sick and being hospitalized, not the unvaxed. And the vaccines are causing quite a lot of death and disease otherwise. That’s our military leaders saying it David, not an opinion, numbers aren’t lying anymore.
      When you mention lying and charlatans, you are of course talking about Fauci and Walensky. The front-line docs aren’t making money on misinformation, Fauci is. He has stock in the pharma companies. He and Doc Collins (Dir of the N.I.H.) have been caught red-handed lying about the origins of the virus and why is Fauci so defensive about congress asking for his financial reports? They are supposed to be public but aren’t. HMMMM? Why not?

      I have never listened to a Joe Rogan PodCast…only part of one where he lit into the guy who said he took horse paste. I do however pay attention to the DOCTOR who helped develop the PCR tests and tells us they don’t distinguish between a cold, flu, or any other corona virus and the docs who admit that COVID 19 has never been isolated and therefore cannot be accurately tested for.

      Don’t you think that since Walensky admitted that the case count of “kids being hospitalized due to corona” is exaggerated due to the hospitals automatically testing everybody who is admitted, that was always the case? (It didn’t just suddenly start happening when Omicron hit the kids) While they may be covid positive, it’s not the reason they’re in the hospital. She fully admitted that just because they’re hospitalized with covid, it doesn’t mean they’re hospitalized BECAUSE of covid, some just have a broken leg or something else.
      Don’t you think that is exactly what happened since covid began? People were hospitalized and died of “several co-morbidities” they didn’t die of covid, they died WITH covid.
      People die every year because of complications with the flu but not every flu death is counted because most people don’t run to the hospital every time they catch it…they just let it “run it’s course” just like the docs have always said it had to…no cure, no medicine to clear it up sooner.
      With covid, they scared the bejeezus out of everyone telling us that 2,000,000 people would die so EVERYBODY who got a sniffle went to get tested and hospitals just tested everyone for dollars. FACT: Every covid case/death gave the hospitals a lot of MONEY.

      When those who are telling us what to do have the “Do as I say, not as I do” attitude and behavior they have all had, you should question the motives and the story.
      For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. SCIENCE…TRUE SCIENCE…ALWAYS WELCOMES THE QUESTIONS AND THE OPPOSITION. It has never worked any other way…UNTIL covid.

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