Las Vegas, NV – “I welcome any opponent to the GOP primary, but Tisha Black is a progressive plant who maxes out donations to radical left politicians like Harry Reid and Catherine Cortez Masto.  By funding Nevada’s most radical Democrats over the years, Tisha Black has not only helped defeat Republicans at the ballot box, she has literally built and advanced the Democrats’ disastrous government-controlled trifecta we live under in our state and our nation.  I think Tisha Black is in the wrong Party’s primary and she should take her issues up with Aaron Ford, Steve Sisolak, and be honest with our motivated, conservative base about her partisan liberal ideology.” – Conservative Republican candidate for Nevada Attorney General, Sigal Chattah.

Sigal already beat Governor Sisolak and his lawyer, Attorney General Aaron Ford, in court TWICE:

  • Sigal represented Calvary Church in Las Vegas pro-bono and winning at the 9th Circuit reopening places of worship from Sisolak’s draconian shutdown just in time for Christmas.
  • Sigal beat Sisolak and Ford again in court after his vaccine rollout prioritized special interests and those with money, power, and status over the elderly successfully lowering the age of prioritization down to 65+.

Sigal is suing over the hypocritical double-standard mask mandate currently imposed on us and on our school children. She is a woman of action, a practitioner of the law, and a defender of our Constitutional Liberties.

Sigal is the fighter we need.
Sigal is a:
  • Proud Israeli-American Immigrant;
  • Defender of the American Dream;
  • Champion of Law Enforcement;
  • Practitioner of the Law;
  • Protector of the Constitution;
  • Strong Single Mother;
  • Believer in Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

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