Washington County News February 13, 1908

Mesquite, NV, Feb. 6-Mr. Pitts from California is here trying to buy the Galena Mine lately discovered by Reese, Guero, Abbot, and Hughes. If this sale goes through there will be better days for Mesquite.

We have two missionaries in the field, Elder Raymond Abbot, who left home Dec. 1, 1907, and Elder Ira Leavitt, who left on Jan. 11. Both boys are laboring in the Chattanooga, Tennessee, conference. The people here wish them success in their labors.

Our little burg has been visited by beautiful rains which will make plenty of feed for cattle. All the farmers are wearing smiling faces.


Bunkerville, NV, Feb. 9- We hear the Key West Mine is to start up by the 20th and the Hughes, Burgees, and Abbot lead mine is to begin operation within twenty days. They have been offered $200,000 for their property. These mines are within fifteen miles of Bunkerville and we expect a boom soon.

Our mutuals have put on several plays this winter and with the proceeds have bought an extensive line of books and have established a library in the south room of our district school building. Every Thursday evening a reading club is held, the object, being to get more of our young people interested in reading.

It is rumored that Franklin S. Leavitt and family of Bunkerville are going to make their home in our beautiful little town.

Saturday, the 8th, our town boys turned out and hauled brick from Mesquite for one of our widows, Mary Lizzie Leavitt, who is getting ready to build her neat little home.

Parley Hunt, a very energetic citizen, is completing a $2,000 home. Now watch your chance girls and see if you can’t get the be the bird in the cage.

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