By Lisa Krysiak


Life has been challenging for all of us these past couple of years, and mental illness seems to be at the forefront of everyday news; senseless crimes, road rages, hit and runs, shootings, smash and grab retail thefts, just to name a few. It doesn’t seem to be letting up yet, just look at the high school girl who literally used her fists to beat down another girl (video went viral) in a Clark County High School this week; disgraceful and hard to watch. Regardless what some might think, she shouldn’t be allowed back in a public school and charged. Heinous crimes are being committed all over America today, and all I can think about is the cause; why the hate and animosity. These are turbulent times, and it’s brought out the worst behaviors in so many people (of all ages).

People are unhappy and it shows. You can see it every day, cars speeding, weaving in and out of lanes like they are Mario Andretti on a race track. Today I watched two vehicles (different intersections) go through red lights as if they weren’t there…I don’t believe they were paying attention to the lights whatsoever, as one car was on my right side and I wondered why they weren’t slowing at all as we approached a red light at the intersection; I stopped and they kept on going.

High Schools all over are having their own problems with students, from shootings in Wisconsin to the Las Vegas girl beating another, being safe (or feeling safe) seems to be a thing of the past; violent behavior is taking hold of our children and it’s horrible. Parents need to try harder in order to ‘tune-in’ to their kids, even if they’re young adults. If you feel there is something ‘off’ about their behavior, most likely it is.

We need to pay close attention to our loved ones to make sure everyone is alright. Having dark thoughts is similar to playing with fire; it burns until it dies. We’ve lost millions of people since this pandemic, and it’s taken a toll on countless others (millions) when it comes to the well-being of our minds; it feels like a ‘trance’…kind of weird. For me, life feels different now; so many feel this way but don’t want to talk about it anymore, however, the fact remains…it’s clearly not over yet and peoples’ aggressive behavior is being seen clear across the states.

It’s time to teach coping skills to our children and young adults that are struggling; it begins with mental health…something that’s lacking among most communities today. I think the shortage of doctors and therapists is definitely playing a part, and many are suffering ‘LOSS’, as nearly everyone I talk with knows someone that has passed these past couple of years. It’s important to seek out help if you’re not feeling quite right or someone you know isn’t doing well; it begins with recognizing some signs. This article from the Mayo Clinic might help steer you in the right direction … , and for those that might have substance abuse (or not), can also reach out at  or you may call the hotline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357). Please don’t wait to call, even if you’re feeling stressed. Every life is important, including you. Take care of yourself and may God Bless us all.

Make your week count.

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