As I have consistently argued through this pandemic, the dictates of the Sisolak/Ford administration have been damaging, dangerous, and lawless.  Today, Steve Sisolak lifted the mask mandate in Nevada, one of the very last states in the entire country to do so.  Of course, he couldn’t even justify why he lifted the mandate, and it’s probably because he could never justify why he put it into effect in the first place.

Steve Sisolak and Aaron Ford have caused irreparable harm to our citizens throughout this pandemic, especially to our still masked kids.

During the Governor’s press conference, he stated the ‘emergency’ isn’t over which is why I will continue to fight these mandates in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to ensure that our children are never masked again, especially in taxpayer funded public schools.

This is the same court I beat Governor Sisolak and Attorney General Aaron Ford in reopening places of worship just in time for Christmas.

Their pandemic response hasn’t just done livelihood and psychological damage to our citizens, they have damaged our freedoms, our liberties, our Constitution, and the already declining trust Nevada citizens have in their government.

Sigal Chattah

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