Participants both human and canine gathered on the West Field of the Mesquite Recreation Center ready to walk with a purpose The 18th Annual Heart Walk was held on Feb. 11 with 297 Mesquite residents registering for the 3.2-mile walk from the Mesquite Recreation Center to Mesa View Hospital. The weather was perfect for everyone, even the canine walkers who chose to accompany their humans.

Nick Montoya, Director of Athletics and Leisure Services for the city of Mesquite, and City Council Member Karen Dutkowski gave away some raffle prizes as folks were registering and waiting to begin. When they gave the Shout, “Let’s Go” to the eagerly awaiting crowd of walkers it was an impressive view. The wave of people across the field took a few minutes before dissipating. “It was a tremendous success, thanks largely to the generosity of the sponsors, donors, and volunteers,” said Nicholas Montoya.

While walkers were leaving the Rec Center, Rob Fuller, Director of New Business and Marketing for Mesa View Hospital was busy hooking up some great music to greet the walkers as they ended their journey at the hospital. He was running around as usual trying to make everything perfect but took a minute to chat.

The annual Heart Walk is one of many ways Mesa View Hospital and the Department of Athletics and Leisure Services team up to support, educate and encourage good health and fitness among Mesquite citizens.

Fuller said, “The walk has gotten bigger and better each year. We’ve got a lot of great sponsors and Nick Montoya, Director of the Department of Athletics and Leisure Services, does a great job on his end coordinating this. We expected a few more people but after coming out of the pandemic, this is wonderful. It is so good to see so many people healthy and vibrant people enjoying the day and the exercise. The smile on their faces is definitely the reward.”

With the mask mandate having just ended, smiles were able to be seen.

In all the years prior, the Hospital Administrators personally greeted and chatted with the walkers as they finished their journies but this year only the Administrative Secretary, Diane Jones, was there to say hello. Kelly Adams, CEO was nowhere to be found while Mesquite Today was on site.

Mesquite residents who participated in the Heart walk were treated to apples, water, trail mix, and swag handed out by Jones and Fuller. There was a plethora of information on early detection of a heart attack and how to live a heart-healthy life.

Sponsors for the annual walk along included Silver Rider which provided free shuttle service from Mesa View back to the Recreation Center. Reliance Connects manned water, and snack stations along the route.  The City of Mesquite Police, Fire and Rescue Dept. Staff and the Volunteer Citizen Patrol are instrumental in making the walk a success and keeping everyone safe. Some of the police volunteers directed walkers across potentially dangerous areas such as the roundabout and crossing Falcon Ridge Pkwy and Police and Fire were ready for any emergencies that may have happened, thankfully none did.

Riley Hunzeker, RN, and Program Director were onsite to let folks know about Senior Life Solutions (SLS), a program dedicated to addressing the emotional and behavioral health of older adults.  Anyone can refer an individual for SLS including physicians, family members, or self-referrals. For information on SLS contact Patient Coordinator, Doris Baeza at 702-345-4373.

For more information on Mesa View Hospital’s other health programs contact the hospital at 702-346-8040.

For more information on exercise and health programs provided by the Department of Athletics and Leisure Services call 702-346-8732.

Silver Ryder Provided rides back to the rec center
Rob Fuller, Director of Marketing and New Business for Mesa View Hospital
Diane Jones, Administrative Secretary for Mesa View Hospital


Riley Hunzeker, RN. Program Director for Senior Life Solutions
The Mesquite Republican Club members, a fun bunch, gathered in a group to participate in the walk, something they’ve been doing together for years.
Christy Neff, Eddie Irish and Area Manager Josh Tietjen of Reliance Connects have joined as sponsors for the Heart Walk for a many years.

Mayor Al Litman joined the walkers for the 18th Annual Heart Walk right after teaching an hour long spin class. Not bad for an 80 year old guy. His wife Phyllis also joined in the walk as they do every year to help support an active and healthy community. Phyllis Litman is a member of the Lifelong Dancers and she takes her hubby’s spin classes.


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