You may be used to seeing the donkeys corralled at the Golden West Casino during past jamborees but on Saturday, March 12 from 11am- 3pm, the Eureka Casino in Mesquite is sponsoring the 8th Annual Donkey Jamboree benefiting Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue.

This event will feature live donkeys from the donkey rescue satellite adoption center in Scenic, AZ. There will be live music by the local band Bottoms UP.

Mark Meyers, founder of PVDR and volunteers from the Scenic satellite will be on hand to answer your questions about the organization.

Hotdogs, beer, and wine will be available for purchase at $2 each. All proceeds for this event go directly to the PVDR.

There will be continual video presentations of “Forgotten-the Plight of the America Donkey and information on the Arizona Burro Project. Working in conjunction with the Bureau of Land Management, the Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue removes wild burros from private ranches. These burros are not federally protected and are overpopulating the region. Low-stress baiting methods are used to ensure that the burros have a positive experience and will therefore be easier to gentle and eventually enter PVDR’s nationwide donkey adoption program.

All arrivals undergo a 30-day quarantine process, medical evaluation, vaccines, de-worming, and microchipping, all males are castrated.

The Scenic AZ. Satellite opened in 2010 and is the project of Joan Dunkle and the late Fred Clark. After learning about PVDR they wanted to help with this worthwhile project.

Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue was started by Mark and Amy Meyers as a backyard hobby over a decade ago.  After purchasing their first donkey Izzy as a pet, the Meyers began to notice other donkeys in their community that were in various stages of abuse and neglect.  Not knowing exactly what to do, Amy began buying up these donkeys and Mark spent his evenings talking to the donkeys and fixing their various ailments.  It was after the 25th donkey came into the Meyers’ home that they decided to open an actual Rescue so that they would be able to find safe, loving homes for their donkeys. This simple gesture of love has turned into the largest donkey rescue of its kind. The Meyers still stay involved in the day-to-day operations of the rescue, but they also manage a large staff that ensures the well-being of the over 3,000 donkeys under their care. Under Meyers’ direction, Peaceful Valley has grown with facilities across the United States and the Caribbean.

Mark and PVDR have been featured both nationally and internationally in television, documentaries, radio, and nearly every major market newspaper in the United States. He has authored multiple books. His public speaking engagements include business organizations, service clubs, and classrooms ranging from the kindergarten to university level. Mark brings his lively desert adventures, heart-warming rescue stories, and living philosophy of compassion everywhere he goes.

Learn more about the rescue at  Questions about the event please call- (928) 347-4506 and visit the Jamboree, meet some of the donkeys and have a great time.

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