Washington County News Feb. 22, 1908

Bunkerville, NV Feb. 22-Saturday all our young people turned out en mass to an outing to Key West. We were having regular spring weather when they left but the night they got up there a cold snap came on and as it was snow they went to see, they certainly had their wish gratified.

Milo Adams has been walking for the last week on crutches, a log had fallen on his foot and smashed it.

Matt Reece, who has taken up a farm below town expects to have the water in his ditch in a few days.

Henry Leavitt is the proud papa of a new baby girl, born February 19.


Washington County News Feb. 22, 1911

Bunkerville, NV Feb. 22- Bishop Jos I. Earl went to Moapa and down the Muddy Valley Saturday and Sunday on business and to visit his daughter, Mrs. W. L. Jones of Overton. He came back Monday bringing with him Bishop Hirschi of Rockville, Utah, who has been to Los Angeles, California with a herd of cattle.

during the past two weeks, we have been having some of our coldest weather this winter, still, the sun shines brightly.

The sports committee for the Relief Society are giving a dance tonight, proceeds go to missionaries.

The schools closed for Washington’s Birthday.

Water will soon be in our ditch again.

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