Laughter is the best source of medicine; It dates back to the book of Proverbs, and there are others (not named here) that have quoted and, or used this as a metaphor. Most of us have heard someone use this statement before…somewhere in the past, and there’s no time like the present to try and keep those blues away today.

Medicines are used to cure people; example: ‘someone with an infection takes an antibiotic’ and the infection dissipates with time. The word ‘laughter’ has been used in reference to (by the medical field) in a similar way to medicine. Laughter has proven to have a multitude of health benefits; according to health studies and the Mayo Clinic. It (laughter) can help ease tension while stimulating your lungs, heart…and increases the oxygen flow to the brain. It then releases those wonderful ‘Endorphins’…the feel-good hormone. As far as its long-term effects, the act of laughing releases a chemical known as neuropeptides, which assists in keeping the body harm-free, in the event of stress-related illnesses or worse. Increasing the blood flow (with laughter) pumps oxygen through the heart, giving it cardio benefits while helping to reduce inflammation

Laughing promotes a variety of positive vibes and then some. It reacts as a natural painkiller and helps improve self-esteem, while improving ones outlook on life. Laughter has the potential to be one of the most positive forces through life’s’ journey; meaning better attitude, health, peace and overall happiness. With depression and anxiety being at the forefront of this pandemic, laughter should be sought out…as it improves and helps stabilize moods. Smile lines are better than frown ones; they tell a story.

Everyone should give ‘laughter’ a try every day for one week; see if it improves your well-being, or maybe it just lightens the load (things on your mind) so-to-speak. Look up jokes and read a few, at least until you find one that makes you chuckle out loud. Try and watch comedy shows and, or comedy movies for one week; if you’ve never watched ‘Who’s Line is it Anyway?” give it a shot. I love to watch this on the weekend, its humor is unlike any other and one can’t help but laugh throughout its entirety. Laughing is the best medicine; show me someone who doesn’t like to laugh. Promote laughter this week among people you know, share jokes or funny stories and just keep smiling (give it a try for one week, at least once a day); you’ve nothing to lose.

Make your week count.

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