How does Washoe County Registrar of voters show 304,224 registered voters in 2020 then 307,812 on 2/14/22 while adding 180,000 new voters? The math doesn’t add up, but that’s just the beginning of what Beadles and his team found.

RENO, Nev. – February 25, 2021 – The Washoe County Commissioners meeting on Tuesday 2/22/22 was one that should have made every news station in the state of Nevada, let alone the county. The meeting had several hundred people show up with more than a hundred voicing their public comments on the numerous agenda items.

However, one agenda item had over 82 public comments, surrounding the controversial agenda item 14’s removal and how the commissioners themselves—possibly sabotaged it.

Overall, a few media stations ran stories about the events, but with a slant that is contrary to what actually happened and none seemed to report on the evidence that residents put forward at the County Meeting.

After many requests, on February 24, 2022, Robert Beadles (who brought glaring evidence from the registrar of voters’ own data to the County Commissioners’ attention at the commissioner meeting), decided to release two video presentations diving into all of the gritty details, and the implications wrought by said data.

These videos expose many grave data irregularities and what looks to be outright fraud that has been perpetrated on Washoe County citizens using the County’s own Voter Data tracked over the last several years.

In the presentation, Mr. Beadles shows revealing data from the Registrar of Voters, Deanna Spikula, who provided election information numbers for the last several elections via a disk that was given to Mr. Beadles.  As you will see, the numbers raise quite the alarm and bring into question everyone and everything that has been involved with the collecting, tracking, reporting, and certifying of our votes and election processes.

You can watch the brief version of Robert Beadles presentation at:

You can watch the full video presentation by Robert Beadles at:

2 thoughts on “County Data Shows Fraud Perpetrated On Washoe County Voters Since Long Before 2020”
  1. Teri, you are doing what the Russians want you to do. They want to provide misinformation that will destroy confidence in our elections. You and Comrade Donald are doing your best to destroy our democracy. Every election in our history had been free from any fraud that would change the outcome of a presidential election. Comrade Donald gets buried by 7M votes and refuses to do what every loser in our history has done. He has refused to concede and has continued lying to the people. He is a disgrace. He supports Putin over our president. He and you are traitors. Deplorable!

    1. Democracy is all about being ABLE to question what our government officials are doing. In 2016, Hillary and others (Stacy Abrams) both lost and haven’t stopped saying the election was stolen in 2016 and 2018. Amy Klobuchar, as well as two or three other Senators, wrote to officials in 2018 with “Grave Concerns” over the legitimacy of the Dominion voting machines. Why is ok for them to claim 4 years earlier there was so much fraud and Russian interference that it falsely “got Trump elected” and now there’s NEVER been large-scale fraud in our elections. Which is it, David? Both can’t be true.
      Why are so many of the ballots being hidden? If there’s nothing to hide, why are they hiding it? Same with Jan. 6 and thousands of hours of video evidence Pelosi refuses to turn over for investigation. If there’s nothing to hide, why hide it? It all goes back to the same thing. Our representatives are voted for (hired) by the public and accountable to the public. Whether there was large-scale fraud or just a little bit, it doesn’t matter and it all needs to stop. None of it is acceptable and if we just “let it go” it will continue. P.S. The Russians didn’t send me the press release, the State of Nevada did; I doubt I’m big enough for the Russians to pay attention to and target me with misinformation. That’s a conspiracy theory of the worst kind David; I thought you didn’t buy into CTs.

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