Somebody is up to no good in Lizard, NV and a hero’s got to save the day-AGAIN!

Wedding Bell Blues will tickle your funny bone, make your cheeks hurt and may even pull out a belly laugh or two, but don’t worry, Madam Rue A.K.A. Crystal Ball ( Marie Palmer) may have a potion to help with that; unless Slip Shod (Glen Bjornson) and Mrs. Sippy (Joy Craig) come up with a plan to make someone else drink it.

Virgin Valley Theatre Group’s new melodrama may spark some long-forgotten fires within because it’s all about love, or is it about money? Come see them in March and find out.

This show was written by VVTG’s own Nancy Arnold and Sue Kjellsen; they’ve written in plenty of places where the audience can boo, hiss, cheer, applaud and even sing along, if you’ve a hankerin to do so. Nancy and Sue have brought us from the founding of Lizard, NV and the plenty good as well as no good characters that were there from the start. Now their kin are still here generations later. Join the group (its an interactive show) as they give you a view of what’s happening in Lizard, NV today.

There’s a ‘Far out” good time to have in Lizard; you’ve just got to get there. No, you don’t have to get married, plenty of you already are. You don’t have to drink a potion for a ticket neither, you’ve just got to mozie on down to the Mesquite Fine Arts Center and purchase a ticket, they take credit cards now, for your convenience, or you can get there up to an hour before showtime and hope they ain’t sold out.

There is plenty of music and fun for all. You can even come get hitched yourself during intermission. I ain’t pulling your leg neither; here’s the particulars:

ENGAGED COUPLES WANTED! – “A Live Wedding Contest!”

The Virgin Valley Theater Group in conjunction with their new, original musical melodrama “Wedding Bell Blues or How The Virgin Valley Got Its Groove On” is holding a contest and looking for couples willing to get married “live” on stage during one of the shows performance days. The play is an original musical melodrama that takes place in Lizard, NV. This original production was written by Mesquite residents Nancy Arnold and Susan Kjellsen. A tie-in to an actual legal, “live” wedding makes this a truly unique experience. The winning couple will be offered their choice of one of the following performance days: March 11, 12, 13, 18, 19, 20, 25, and 26. The service will take place during intermission on stage and will be a legal civil service marriage ceremony performed in the State of Nevada by a licensed Nevada Marriage Officiant. The ceremony will be a simple civil ceremony that will be completed within 10 minutes or less. The service will be “free of any venue and officiant charges” for the winning couple. Complete details, applications, eligibility and contest rules will be available to all applicants. Email by Marriage Officiant Ken Juber at

The Eureka Casino Hotel has offered the winning couple a 1 night’s stay and a $100 Gift Certificate to Gregory’s restaurant as part of this promotion. The theater group is hoping that other restaurants and local businesses will want to join in and offer the winning couple free dinner, cake, flowers, you name it.

This is a truly unique, “once in a lifetime opportunity” for a very unique fun-loving couple to share their special day on stage with a “live” theater audience. We hope to see you there!

The cast of Wedding Bell Blues or How the Virgin Valley Got Its Groove On

Bill Wright                       Adam Zapple

Bob Blood                       Hugh DeMann

Chad Calmelat                Brighton Early

Deb Thomason               Missy Sippy

Francesca Gregerson    Paisley Tye

Glen Bjornson                 Slip Shod

Jerrie Clarke                    Sarah Nader, Singer

John Sadler                      Uncle Lucky Chance

Joy Craig                          Mrs. Sippy

Kathleen Bartley             Auntie Rainbow Trout

Lyle Palmer                     Isaiah Prayer

Marie Palmer                 Crystal Ball/Madam Rue

Mitzi Bender                  Barbara Seville, Singer

Nancy Arnold                 Dora Jarre

Rita Hermie                    Claire Voyant

Sandee Trout                 Sadie Word

Sandra Royer                 Nibbles the Donkey

Sue Kjellsen                    Isabell Ringing, Singer


Written by Sue Kjellsen and Nancy Arnold

Directed by Nancy Arnold

Stage Manager              Pam Sadler

Props                              Nancy Rosen

Costumes                       Marnie Bartolini

Set Design                      Richard Sisneros

Lights/Sound                 Chris Finnegan

Music Director              Rita Hermie

Sandee Trout as Sadie Word
Mitzi Bender as Barbara Seville, Sue Kjellsen as Isabell Ringing and Jerrie Clarke as Sarah Nader



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