As most of us know, there are gazillion job openings regardless of where you live today. The changes made throughout many industries now have people seeking out different types of employment, not to mention seeking better wages. Clearly the job market will continue to evolve in the coming years, but if you’re one who’s currently looking for a change…the timing is right.

There’s a newer app for people needing money immediately; I first heard about it in Phoenix, Az. It’s . All one needs to do is sign up; no fees or anything to get started. You can choose from a variety of jobs. Once you complete your shift, you’re paid. This app works and it could lead one into new possibilities. Of course I’ve always liked LinkedIn as a place to search for employment; it’s preferred among many business owners and continues to do well.

One of the busiest industry’s that has major labor shortages is the Service Industry; we’ve all felt it in one way or another (retail, food, hotel/motel chains and travel). It has taken a toll on past employees (during pandemic), which caused the shift during this time; people leaving their current jobs for better ones. So what does this mean for future employees, well…it means that this has forced many companies to bring more to the table; sign-on bonuses, better wages and hopefully it brings out the ones who will like their actual jobs.

The hotel Industry has its standards, and finding the right employees isn’t always easy. is a website dedicated to bringing people together as a ‘Team’ and sharing what works and what doesn’t. I spent quite a bit of time there and found it to be very informative; so I’m passing it along. Hotels in large metropolis cities (especially Las Vegas) are looking for ways to help their employee’s when it comes to travel to-from their jobs and places to park; including better wages $15.00-24.00 an hour for housekeeping. If you’re one who is into this type of service industry, then you should have many more options today, or at least in the near future.

As far as employment goes, one should do some fair amount of research, as the job market continues to evolve. When I look at the kind of jobs that are out there, it makes me think about our changing world, our environmental status and the need to fill certain (new) positions. Some top jobs for 2022 are; Artificial Intelligence Specialist, Robotics Engineer, Cloud Engineer, Scientists and more. These words alone should make one ‘Think’ and process all of the things currently happening in this world.

Good or bad, there are plenty of positions for the taking; however…something new and, or different may require additional schooling, so check them out in full detail. Either way, things are different and will continue to be; it’s a new adjustment of sorts. If you are feeling intimidated by something new, don’t be, just walk into any store and ask specific questions, you’d be lucky to get an answer that’s actually correct. I’m hoping that this world becomes a little more settled so we can all have a little more peace in our lives.

Make your week count.

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