By Teri Nehrenz –

Paige Woods and Haylee Benglan live their motto and their business name; they both dared to “Be brave.” Bebrave is Mesquite’s tumbling and trampoline gym.

The two women saw the potential in the raw bones of what was once the Ranchero Market on Mesquite Blvd. Together with the property owner, City of Mesquite and RDA funding they were able to transform the once loved meat market into a jazzy new mat market for young athletes who also have the desire to “Be Brave” and tumble around.

On March 3, they celebrated their grand opening of Bebrave Athletics at the new location, 473 W. Mesquite Blvd. The grand opening was perfectly planned. A table in front was set up with cookies on, drinks beside and smiles behind a table to greet all guests. Owners, employees and volunteers set up some indoor entertainment and outdoor entertainment which kept kids occupied. Volunteers made sure they were kept safe.  It made it easy for parents to gather information about the program.

Bebrave Athletics is not new to Mesquite. They have been around for several years in the Jimmy Hughes Campus. Any resident who has attended a Mesquite parade would be familiar with the talents of these young athletes.

At Bebrave they teach much more than tumbling and gymnastics. They teach the young athletes to be involved, kind, helpful. They teach leadership and commitment, and the value of hard work. Bebrave athletics is a progressive athletic studio on a mission to spread the brave and empower athletes to become more confident and strong. They also have open gym hours for the athletes who prefer sports that involve different tumbling and jumping moves like basketball.

They are a competitive bunch and are competing in a tournament this weekend in Southern Utah. They will be hosting a state meet in Mesquite at Virgin Valley High School which will be announced at a later date.

ERA Realtor, Jodi Hughes, came in to have some fun with faces. She was the busiest of all during the opening event and had a line of kids waiting for the most adorable designs. Hughes has been painting faces for a few years and does it just for fun.

Treats inside and out were there for all to enjoy and raffle items donated by local businesses helped raise some funds for the kids’ competitions.

For more information on the Be Brave Athletics Program click the link below



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