Paper tole is “the art of handcrafting three-dimensional pictures from flat prints.”  Joan Cooperman finds working with paper very calming and says her mood will affect the result. By skillfully cutting, shaping, and layering pieces of paper onto an image, three-dimensional work is created and becomes very engaging.

Joan began her journey into Arts and Crafts by volunteering at an institute for the mentally disabled in Pennsylvania. She became an assistant to the arts and crafts director and learned knitting, crocheting, embroidery, card making, painting, and flower making, to name a few. “You name it; we did it. This is where my  love for crafts and volunteering began.”

Moving to San Diego, then St. George, Joan was in charge of the arts and craft booth at the Jubilee Of Trees for three years for Intermountain Hospital. After moving to Mesquite, she took the 3D Paper Tole class at the Gallery and became addicted. Joan is an active member of the Virgin Valley Artists’ Association and participates regularly in gallery competitions.  She belongs to the Paper Tole Institute in New Mexico, where you can enter your work and become an instructor. (VVAA)

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