During the recent City Council Meeting held Tuesday, March 8, a presentation was made by Wesley Harper, Executive Director of the Nevada League of Cities and Municipalities.

While Mr. Harper gave quite the eloquent speech, he didn’t really say much of anything; certainly nothing to justify a $10,000 increase in yearly dues.

While trying to tell the public what the League of Cities does, he gave examples of towns that have nothing to do with Mesquite. He said he had many stories of Mesquite as well but didn’t give an example of one.

While listening to his speech I kept in mind what the League of Cities and Municipalities is based on. The entire message they send is an oxymoron, and his speech presented a message that was no different.


Strength in Unity.  Strong Cities Build a Strong League.  A Strong League Builds Strong Cities

Guiding Principle

The Vitality of Cities is Dependent on their Fiscal Stability and Local Autonomy.


Create a unified Association of Every Municipality in Nevada for Member Autonomy, Fiscal Prosperity, Mutual Aid, and Political Strength.

How can you have Autonomy and Unity at the same time?

The league provides education to elected officials and people in their offices; where is the autonomy in everybody being taught to do things exactly the same?

He was asked to justify what the initial fee of $8,000+ per year gave Mesquite. Mr. Harper had no answer; even when asked the same question by several council members. He didn’t have, in my opinion, a good reason to justify an additional $10,000. He mentioned only the ability to travel and socialize about matters and to add an additional “Manager.” The additional manager now gives them three employees to do the traveling and socializing.

I find it interesting that none of the council members knew exactly what the initial $8,000 got Mesquite. That tells me, it probably wasn’t much.

All Mesquite taxpayers can rest easy knowing that your present council members are far more financially prudent than to take immediate action on the proposal. They all voted to put that decision on hold until they had a chance to talk during their annual budget meeting.

It would benefit Mesquite far more to put the $18,000 into the new fire station, but then again, it’s only my opinion.


To view the video of the March 8 city council meeting click the link below


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  1. Agree with you 100% Teri. I hope our City Council can smell a scam when they see one. Businesses will come to Mesquite when they are ready to relocate. Just my opinion.

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