Inflation continues to hurt the economy and gas prices continue to soar across America. Initially, some prices had risen due to the shortages ‘supply and demand’ whether it’s at the local grocers, real-estate or utilities; all are being hit hard when it comes to the pocketbook. Soaring prices have had an effect on everyone today; there’s no skirting around it and now Russia’s war has taken a toll at our gas pumps. There’s no time like the present … to refresh the mind and discover some of those discounts many of us miss on a day-to-day basis.

Starting with fuel prices, this app is great, . Just plug in your location and find your best price for gas; it’s that simple. Also, be aware of your own driving habits, as harder acceleration of the pedal means the more freely gas flows into the tank, basically using up gasoline faster, than one who drives slower and at an even pace. Keeping proper inflation of your tires (as well as balanced) will save on gas too. Combining your trips help manage costs; if one writes a list for items (grocer needs) and waits until you have another reason to go out, combining errands will save you from wasting gas.

Cutting down grocery bills is something we are all doing currently. Eating out less and changing up on the food you make can help stretch those dollars; meatless dishes and casseroles are at the top when it comes to saving money. Meal planning often detours senseless food purchases, meaning…is it something necessary or is it one of those bargains you can’t pass up but have no ‘immediate’ use for. Stick to your plan.

The way things are going today… if one is able to invest in an upright freezer you should. Buying a whole or half a cow at your local butcher (meat market) and freezing it will absolutely save you money. With spring around the corner, check out farmers’ markets and or small fruit/vegetable stands; canning and freezing can also save on your finances, not-to-mention eating better wholesome foods. Planting a few herbs in small pots is a real saver these days; you don’t need a yard or field…a windowsill will do fine.

Electronics is always at the forefront when it comes to spending dollars, and the companies (such as Apple or Google) continue to thrive financially, regardless of what’s happening around the world. However, everyone needs internet…but have you ever given thought to purchase that router you have; just like cell phones, purchasing saves you from paying monthly fees, which then add to your taxes on your bill. At home, unplug small appliances during the day as long as it’s not being used; they (ex. Coffee pot) still draw energy when turned off.

Most are aware of web sites such Groupon, Deals Plus, Living Social and more, depending on what you’re browsing for. A night out on the town can be done on a budget through miscellaneous sites. For dinner, go to for coupons within your area. It’s fast and easy.

The 55 and older generation can score discounts at grocery stores, Walgreens (as well as other pharmacies), I-Hops among others like McDonald’s, Golden Corral, Denny’s, and Perkins. We all love discounts, and seniors should take advantage of theirs; which brings me here, so check out  and for a full list of discount places. AAA has discounts for its members as well; Amusement and National Parks, Shopping and of course Travel.

Feeling the pinch today, join the crowd…we all are; unless you are fortunate with monies (more or less wealthy). The middle class are being squeezed harder than ever, and paying ridiculous prices at the gas pump really hurts. It’s time to buckle down and take notice at any discounts you may be able to score. Stay safe and beware of fraudulent sites when shopping; don’t let your guard down and remember “if it sounds too good to be true, most likely it is.”

Make your week count.

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