LAW AND ODOR O.P.U. finds Crisco and Slogan working the Oldfactory Police Unit. At O.P.U. they only get the cases that really stink.

Infamous celebrity socialite Venice Hellion, from the hit show “The Stupid Life” falls from her Central Park Penthouse…or was she pushed? Did her sister Snookie push her?

Our cops must follow their noses to sniff out the perp with a penchant for killer gourmet food.

This hilarious spoof of Law and Order includes suspects Justin Timberlead, Ivana Aquittal, Pops Ripple, Leona Sternly, Cocoa Puff Daddy, Miranda Warning and Peak-a-Boo Chalet just to name a few.

D.A. Benny Sue Waterstone and Gabby Carbuncle get involved, much to the chagrin of their boss Adam Shaft who just wants this fancy food case off his plate.

Call your lawyer, then make a reservation for Law and Odor, O.P.U. written by Nita Hardy.

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