As you may have heard, the Nevada Republican “establishment” has recruited a “moderate” Republican, Tisha Black, to parachute into our GOP primary for attorney general at the last minute.

It’s unfortunate, but not totally unexpected.

It’s what they do when they know they can’t control a candidate who’s willing to stand up and actually FIGHT for you as a principled, constitutional conservative.

One of my supporters wrote a three-part series detailing our new reality – which, sadly, means we now have to use campaign money we’d hoped to spend beating Democrat incumbent Attorney General Aaron Ford to first win the GOP primary.

Part 1 looks at the history of establishment RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) doing this to other candidates in the past – not just here in Nevada, but all across the country.


Part 2 looks at how these people are trying to come at me for supposedly being a “racist” – which is actually a page straight out of the Democrats’ playbook.


And Part 3 looks specifically at Ms. Black’s record.  And – WOW! – it’s bad.


But don’t worry.  We’re gonna make mincemeat out of her!

I haven’t been fighting for you for over two years now to simply roll over let some self-described “moderate” Republican and financial backer of Steve SisolakHarry Reid and Catherine Cortez Masto blow this opportunity for us to win back this seat.

“Tish the Squish,” as my supporter refers to her, has brought a knife to a gunfight.

It won’t end well for her.

Nor will it end well for Aaron Ford in November.

Strap down and buckle up.  The storm clouds are gathering. The “red wave” is building.  And we’re about to unleash Holy Hades!

Yours in battle,

P.S.  I will be officially filing for office tomorrow – which will be exactly two years after the disastrous and unconstitutional “Sisolak Shutdown” was ordered in Nevada.

P.P.S.  Yes, we now need to raise additional money to fund this primary challenge from the “establishment.”  So if you can kick in a few shekels today, please click on the “Donate” link below. 


“It’s time to end the mask mandate at airports, on airplanes, trains and in governmental buildings.  If you want to wear your mask, go right ahead. Stop forcing me to wear mine.” – Ari Fleischer

2 thoughts on “The RINO’s Are Coming!”
    1. Hi Paul,
      Could you be a little more specific? Why do you believe her to be a RINO? It would be good for the public, who votes, to hear your opinion and how you reached it. Do her personal policies or her trial outcomes/who she represents suggest that she’s not genuine? What is it about her that people should pay more attention to when deciding to have her represent them?
      Thank you.

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