I have been working alongside many of our smaller counties, through their residents, through candidates like Jim Merchant (Hell Yes Jim!!) —and many of the County Commissioners, or County Managers at all levels for more than a year regarding getting rid of any type of “machine” whatsoever, —AND bringing back paper ballots and hand counting them with unbiased folks WHO RESIDE IN THAT COUNTY!!
We fix our elections and we fix everything.

I just want to say thank you to all the courageous candidates, residents, commissioners, and elected leaders who truly support and understand the significance of getting rid of these machines.

No more disenfranchising the votes of all Nevadans because of the malfeasance in Clark and Washoe County, so we will clean up all the smaller counties and prove to you just how corrupt these two counties are with their “more votes than voters” games —based on their own data.

Thank you and God bless you all!

Joey Gilbert, Candidate for Governor

One thought on “Nye County: 5-0 vote to Remove Voting Machines”
  1. Joey is a fruitcake. No more internet, computers, iPhones, and 4K TVs. We will vote by marking a parchment ballot with a quill pen. No more ATM’s. We will pay our bills with Roman coins which we keep in a leather pouch. Typical Republican. Nuts!

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