On Sunday March 20th, 2022 a major collision took place heading southbound on I-15 at mile marker #117. We ended up with 14 patients from this accident (3 semis and 5 passenger cars). We were fortunate there were no fatalities.

“We are very fortunate and grateful no fatalities occurred during the collision, and all patients are in care and recovering. This is a friendly reminder to stay safe when driving out there, and a huge thanks to the Mesquite and Beaver Dam’s Police and Fire departments for quickly aiding to the situation.” (City of Mesquite Nevada)

  • 4 patients were transported by MFR to Mesa View
  • 1 patient was flown by Mercy Air 11
  • 8 patients denied care and transport
  • 3 patients had to be extricated from their car/semi.

Two other 911 calls occurred in Mesquite during this accident. One was handled by Beaver Dam FD and the other by off duty MFR personnel.

This is a reminder to drive safe out there, we are so grateful we had no fatal losses during this accident.


Mesquite Fire and Rescue official release:

Mesquite, NV (March 21, 2022) — Yesterday, March 20, 2022, just before 7 pm Mesquite Fire Rescue was dispatched to a vehicle accident on southbound I-15 near mile marker 117.  The accident involved three semi trucks and five passenger vehicles.  There were a total of 14 people involved.  Extrication was needed to to remove occupants from three vehicles and an extended extrication operation was required to remove the driver from one semi truck.  One person was transported by Mercy Air from the scene to a trauma center and four were transported by Mesquite Fire Rescue to a local hospital.  All other people involved declined medical transport from the scene.  Southbound I-15 was closed for several hours while the roadway was cleared for travel.


Photos courtesy of the City of Mesquite Nevada Police and Fire and Rescue


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