We all know what it is to be sitting at home day after day, for weeks…then months went by; the world stopped and the silence stepped in. It was quite a challenge for the human race to stop their daily activities, and we were all there. Life had to change…and we continue that journey to this day; constantly learning new ways of doing things and changing our routines in order to adjust. For those of us aging, new tasks aren’t always as simple as they once were, but that’s okay…we should look at things from a different perspective, similar to self-discovery.

When we take a moment to stop and breathe (smell the roses), it gives us a chance to refresh our thoughts and explore the world around us. Children are fascinated with their surroundings; they love to explore new things…its self-discovery. As they grow through the years, they discover what they like and dislike, while schooling they are given the tools to work with and develop skills from there.

As adults get settled into their lives, they often become robotic with schedules, and the self-discovery period seems to go away. It’s easy to become complacent at times through ones’ life, especially if raising a family while working, it’s sometimes easier to stay with the flow of things; letting go of any new self-discoveries. At this juncture, adults often settle to the point of no return…staying in the same house, same city, never venturing out of their ‘wheelhouse’ so-to-speak. While some are just fine with that, there are many that regret not trying something new (crafting and hobbies), traveling somewhere different, or just putting yourself out there to meet new people. Interaction with others helps us along our own way, increasing our self-awareness and understanding tendencies as well as personal traits. Establish your personal interests and know what you value about yourself.

We change as we age, some things are better and others not so well. That’s a part of discovering ‘who’ we are. Some find out sooner, while others continue to explore; there is no age limit. We are all on a journey…and we should never stop learning new things or exploring within ourselves. Discovering things we like should never end…no matter how old you are. Live life with all you got, and keep it interesting; feeling stuck is no way to go through life, so get out and discover something new today.

Make it a great week.

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