You can still register for the annual ATV One Wish Poker Run today beginning at 4:30 p.m. at the Beaver Dam Station located 401 Old Highway 91 in Littlefield, AZ.

The run is scheduled for tomorrow, March 26 at 10 a.m. (MST)

One Wish, One Dream, One Life, One Memory, that lasts forever… says it all.

I started the process of building an organization that would help children and their families by granting “One Wish”. That “One Wish” would give a child a chance to escape from their everyday lives of dealing with their life-altering medical or social conditions in order to experience the great outdoors and all that it provides. This “One Wish” can be anything associated with the outdoors – whether it is hunting, fishing, camping, four-wheeling, rafting, or any other outdoor recreation activity. The One Wish Foundation will organize, participate, and capture each family’s once-in-a-lifetime adventure on video in order to preserve their memory forever and to help share their story with the world with the purpose of helping them and other families through awareness and support.

Our ultimate goal is to raise enough capital to open a facility called the One Wish Ranch. This ranch will be a large parcel of land where we can manage crops for wildlife, construct log cabins for lodging, develop trails for four-wheeling / horseback riding. But, most of all, this will be a place where we can hand the set of keys to a family 365 days a year. This ranch will be a place where families can escape the realities of their everyday lives & experience the natural healing process of the great outdoors.

I am extremely fortunate to be surrounded by an amazing group of officers, advisory board members, auxiliary board members and supporters that share my passion for the outdoors. They are a special group of individuals who believe in a commitment to improving our communities by supporting the children that need us the most. This collective group of professionals is destined to accomplish incredible things. Their dedication is unequaled…. 100% Voluntary = No Compensation = Every penny goes back to support our mission.

Please stay tuned and keep an eye out for our progress as our story continues. You can be a part of our mission by following One Wish Foundation here on our website and on Facebook. We will be sharing our children’s stories as we create memories and build a network of family, friends, and partners in the outdoor industry.

Thank you to my family, friends & partners,

Jarrod L. Renninger – President / Founder
One Wish Foundation


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