Aumbria Health And Aesthetics Llc, located at 350 Falcon Ridge Pkwy, st. 102 is not new to the community. They do have some new things happening in the office. On Friday, March 25 they opened their lunch hour to the public to reintroduce themselves to residents by way of a meet and greet. While enjoying a light lunch and some sweet treats, you were able to get to know the staff along with some of their new roles within the office.

After years of dedicated service to her patients, Dr. Gladys Kodjoe retired. She is spending her retired years cooking, writing stories for children and listening to some good music, the things she has always enjoyed. Before she retired, she made sure she left her patients in warm and capable hands. She succeeded in her mission.

Beatrice Ble Afiba FNPC is the Nurse Practitioner who is taking over her patients. Current patients are familiar with Beatrice, she’s been with the practice for over a year. The staff just wanted the public to know the office is open for business. The good Doctor’s retirement made some unsure of Aumbria’s future in Mesquite. Rest assured, their future is bright.

Along with Beatrice, the medical staff includes Juanita Gomez, who is training to be a certified phlebotomist. Once she is certified, all blood draws can be done inhouse without the need for a second appointment at another facility saving patients a lot of time and inconvience. Kimberly Lang, Richard Nicholas, Alena Nicolas round out the staff.

Beatrice says what makes the Aumbria health experience unique is the individual talents each of them brings to overall patient care. Together they create a wonderfully warm atmosphere that instantly puts you at ease because the staff embraces the different talents and they work together like a well-oiled machine from clinical care to administration. They have room for new patients if you’re looking. Call 702-345-3312 for an appointment.

Office hours are Monday-Thursday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. They are closed from noon to 1 p.m. for lunch. They are able to handle referrals, medication refills, and general health care needs. If any serious or sudden issues arise during your visit, patients will be transported to Mesa View Hospital for immediate emergency care.

FEATURED IMG: L-R- Richard Nicolas MA, Alena Nicolas MA, Beatrice Ble Afiba FNPC, Kimberly Lang MA and Juanita Gomez MA.

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