The customer is always the most important person in any business. If your customer isn’t happy, your business will surely fail.

After 3 years in Mesquite, the business at All in Cycles is thriving because Mike Gomes, owner, believes in customer service long after you’ve made your purchase. With gas prices soaring, you might want to check out their selection of electric bikes.

Do you attend a lot of events in Mesquite? Are you a member of clubs or groups? Do you attend rehearsals five nights a week or volunteer for another organization? Gas prices are high for those who freely give their time, why not save a bit by riding an E-Bike to and from those events, meetings, or rehearsals? You can freely give your time without paying a fortune to get there.

There is no need to waste a lot of money just cruising around Mesquite, with an E-Bike, you won’t have to. You also won’t be spending about $60,000 on an electric vehicle.

Not sure about the E-Bikes? Go see Gomes, he’ll put you on a bike for a test ride. He did just that when Mesquite Today visited his business.

The ride is smooth, not like a regular bike. The gears are oversized so the switch of gears and peddling does not require the same efforts you use on a manual bike. There seems to be very little effort needed to really buzz about. If you hit a hill, hit the throttle at the same time; it gives you that power boost needed to easily reach the top. There are seven gears in all, you can set the resistance as high or low as you want; it’s all about your comfort level. Once you take a ride, the bikes sell themselves but it’s the customer service you’re going to want to check out when purchasing from All in Cycles.

Most electric bikes come with a standard one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Gomes goes a year further on the warranty. With All in Cycles, you get a full two-year warranty on service (parts are extra). Customer service goes far above the call of duty.

The service you’ll receive is priceless. Gomes has all the technology needed to locate you anywhere if your bike gets a flat or breaks down. If you purchase a mountain bike and are out on the desert trails, no worries…GPS, drones and whatever else will be used to locate you. Once located, an ATV with water and help will be on its way to retrieve both you and your bike then take you both to safety. If you break down riding around town, they’ll come to get you wherever you are, as long as you’re semi-local.

Customer service is the total focus of All in Cycles. Once you purchase a bike, you become a part of the All in Cycles family of friends. Gomes goes out of his way to help his friends and family; you’ll be no different. You won’t get what you get at All in Cycles from any other bike shop. Gomes doesn’t just believe in going the extra mile, he’ll go an extra ten for his friends. All in Cycles is ALL about making people feel good about their sport or leisure. They don’t just deal in the E-bikes, they have anything and everything you need as a bike enthusiast, including accessories.

Gomes is knowledgeable about his products and accessories, his mechanics are top-notch and the business continues to grow. The growth has been so great that they are now looking for a new and larger location. They have one in mind but nothing is settled and they don’t want to jinx anything by disclosing where they’re looking to move. It is a great location and if all plans go through, there’s going to be a lot more to the business than just selling bikes and accessories.

You can look forward to a place for riders or clubs to gather and talk about common interests, maybe have a cup of coffee or other refreshments and then go for a ride alone or as a group. Plans are still being made; we’ll update you when they’re concrete.

Prices for electric bikes range from $1600 for two wheels to about $3,500 for trikes. Trikes are rare and Gomes says they only get about 4 per year. Currently, they have one in stock at the store located at 1085 W. Pioneer Rd. Suite 170.

For more information visit their website or call 702-684-1293; tell them Mesquite Today sent you.

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