Win or lose, I’m incredibly grateful for this community that I’ve called home for over 25 years.
I hope that through this challenging election cycle I am able to display my true love of service to others and my passion for representing all voices and interests equally in Mesquite.
A vote is an expression of trust and confidence. That is not lost on me and I’m so humbled by all the support Iam receiving throughout this election. You’ve donated time, money, your thoughts, your ideas, your concerns and your vision for Mesquite, and it has made me not only a more well rounded city council candidate, but a more well rounded and proud citizen of Mesquite. I hope that I will be able to use what I’ve learned from you to do my  very best as a City Council Representative.
Thank you again to everyone that is supporting me through this journey and for everyone whose vote I hope I have earned. To those whose vote I haven’t yet earned, it’s not too late to call me before you hit the polls!

4 thoughts on “Karen Fielding for City Council”
  1. Although i respect all the community services that Karen Fielding has been involved with, I believe there is a problem electing a Realtor into the City Council. I have experienced negative results from previous council when there were Realtors filling City Council seats. Seems there’s a conflict of interest there. Just my opinion but one that should be considered.

  2. I am very confused. I was unaware that Ms. Fielding has or is serving as a City Council Representative. Is this a reprint from her prior failed election efforts? Has she disclosed all these campaign contributions she claims to have received, and who is really backing her campaign?

    1. Melinda,
      I don’t believe any of the candidates have disclosed their contributions yet.

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