April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month

Remember…We Are Their Voice

According to the ASPCA, every ten seconds an animal is abused or beaten.  Mesquite animal Shelter is proud to join the ASPCA as they celebrate 145 years of fighting animal cruelty. 

It’s a reminder to people to speak out for animals who they think might be abused or neglected. Here are 3 easy ways you can help prevent animal cruelty.

  1. Report animal abuse if you see it. If you witness someone abusing a dog or cat, whether they are physically abusing the animal or neglecting the animal in some way, report it to local animal control. Neglect may require an educational visit from an animal control officer. Abuse may require removal of the animal from the home. Either way, your call will guarantee a better life for the pet. The ACO’s will keep your name confidential.
  2. Learn to recognize animal cruelty. Here are some signs and symptoms seen in many of the cases investigated:
  • Tick or flea infestations. Such a condition, if left untreated by a veterinarian, can lead to an animal’s death.
  • Wounds on the body.
  • Patches of missing hair.
  • Extremely thin, starving animals.
  • Limping.
  • An owner striking or otherwise physically abusing an animal.
  • Dogs that are repeatedly left alone without food and water, often chained up in a yard.
  • Dogs that have been hit by cars – or are showing any of the signs listed above – and have not been taken to a veterinarian.
  • Dogs that are kept outside without shelter in extreme weather conditions.
  • Animals who cower in fear or act aggressively when approached by their owners
  1. Teach children to respect animals. Children learn how to treat animals from the adults in their lives. Be a role model and show kindness and respect to animals and the children in your life will do the same. There is a reason for promoting kindness: children who are cruel to animals often grow up to be cruel to people as well. Nip animal cruelty in the bud early on. Teach children compassion. Teach your children to treat animals with respect. By learning how to properly care for pets when young, your children will be responsible pet owners as adults. This may help break the chain of abuse. Explain why your animals need daily food and water, describe the benefits of regular veterinary care and show by example how to treat your pets with love.


Stevie Nicks

Be kind to animals. Thank you for making a difference by preventing animal cruelty.

Featured dog- Henry

Henry is a sweet gentle boxer. He loves people and being close to your side. He does well on a leash. Calm gentleman. Learning to play with toys. Will need refresher on house training.

Other available dogs

Milo Extra large boy. Absolutely loves people and going for walks. Very strong No small children please

Stella- She loves people and going for walks. Gentle lady. Comfortable in a home situation.

Leah- Loves being with people. She needs a secure high fenced yard or she will go visiting neighbors

Cocoa- Perfect heeler/border collie. Loves playing with toys and being with people.

Featured cat Stevie Nicks

Extra large with lots of love to give. She is a perfect companion if you want someone to keep you company. Mustache and goatee make the perfect markings for this senior lady. She loves having her neck scratched and she’ll purr away!


Other available cats


Kitters- Was just shaved and had spa day. Loves being with you and keeping you company


Shadow & Smokey- Bonded pair Shy but love having attention. Very calm and quiet cats


If you’d like to visit with our adoptable pets, PLEASE CALL TO SET UP AN APPOINTMENT (702) 346-5268. The shelter is open, but an appointment is required prior to arrival. Thank you!


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