The 50+ Festivals

Free community events for older adults, caregivers, and their families. It is a day of fun, prizes, giveaways, door prizes, and live entertainment! Over 150 local vendors are representing community resources, senior healthcare, housing, financial and legal assistance, end-of-life considerations, travel and leisure, volunteer, and employment opportunities.

Access for Seniors

The 50+ Festivals provides seniors with access to local companies that can help educate and inform local seniors by providing the most up-to-date resources, information, programs, and services available to them and their caregivers.

Medicare Comparisons

Everything seniors want to know about their Medicare plan can be found at these events. These events are an opportunity to meet dozens of Medicare Plan carriers to compare your current Medicare plan and pricing to other plans to determine the best coverage plan that fits your needs.

Health Screening

Many of the exhibiting vendors provide free health screening at the different events, including Vision Testing, Glucose Testing, Foot & Spine Checks, and Blood Pressure.

Health & Wellness

Senior health issues are more important now than ever. The Senior Expo Series features a range of onsite and virtual experts offering seniors knowledgeable advice on the latest healthcare options.

Caregiver Options
Around 55, individuals start to investigate information on home care and placement opportunities for their aging parents. These vendors explain their unique talents and expertise to help seniors understand how their parents will still live a meaningful and enjoyable life at a senior living facility.

​Live Entertainment 

Featuring all-day live entertainment from local senior bands, singers, entertainers, magicians, and stand-up comics.

Vendors Welcome

Over the past 9-years, 2,500 companies have participated as vendors in the Senior Expo Series. The reason is simple, these events provide companies an opportunity to meet local seniors face-to-face and promote their products and services. 

For more information contact:

Pro Expo at (702) 331-1350

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