Spring has sprung and many are excited for this Easter weekend, as it signals ‘New Beginnings’ for all that embrace it. For many, it’s a time to reflect as time moves quickly, year after year. Finding the joy in Easter brings a sense of calmness, peace and harmony for all those who seek it.

The holiday is celebrated among Christians all over the world, as they acknowledge the coming of Jesus Christ through their own faith; believing in life after death. It’s known to many as Resurrection Sunday. Through millions of years traditions have remained similar in nature; people gathering at churches (place of worship), or around tables with food…in preparation for Christ’s second coming. Anticipation emanates through lent, leading up to the Easter festivities. It’s a joyous time in life.

Easter has a warm and fuzzy feeling, especially at the beginning of the day if your celebration begins with a service and singing…rejoicing with praise in worship. After spending the last couple of years in lockdown (caused by virus), I’m hoping the churches fill back up…as we all could benefit from a little joy in our lives.

It is my hope for this world to take a moment of silence, around your dinner tables on Easter Day…while giving thanks for your life and everything in it; be happy and practice gratitude; many families in the world are separated from their loved ones, or…are suffering from an illness and, or death.

Easter Sunday is approaching quickly, so whether you have plans or not…please share something (on the holiday) which you are grateful for among your family and friends. I am grateful for all the LOVE I have in my life…and I’ll continue to pray for Peace and humanity for all those, around the globe. Happy Easter everyone!


Make your week count.

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