Photos and Text courtesy of MPD
Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a good dispatcher? Here are some answers we got when we asked some of our own:
-Be able to calm those that call in, as the dispatcher is often the first voice they hear in a tense situation
-Excellent communication skills, both listening and speaking, to receive and relay all important information
-Have good judgment and make quick decisions that could help save a life
-“Predict the future” 😆 Know what the officers need before they ask for it while they’re on a call or traffic stop
-Good team player: back-up the other dispatchers by helping them with calls, radio traffic, or looking up information
There was also mention of singing and dancing 💃 to ease the stress, but that’s on the unofficial list of required skills 🤣
Mesquite Police Department, Mesquite Detention Center, Mesquite PD Volunteers, Animal Control, Mesquite Fire Rescue, and Beaver Dam Fire are all serviced by MPD dispatch center. Every emergency call for service for all of these agencies comes through and is sent out by our incredible dispatchers.
In addition they coordinate with law enforcement agencies from all over the state and country for warrant inquiries, requests for agency assistance, and so much more.
They truly are some of the busiest and hardest workers in our whole department!!

Laundry, and dishes, and cleaning, oh my!

365 days of the year the Animal Control Officers arrive at work at the crack of dawn to clean out all the kennels, do a lot of laundry, and wash out the feeding bowls on top of everything else they have to do. That’s some serious dedication to the furry creatures that end up in the shelter, showing how much work they really put in every day!

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