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Little Known Snake Bite Facts

Venomous snakes bite 7,000–8,000 people in the US every year.

28% of those bitten by a snake are intoxicated.

In 2018, North Carolina had the most snake bites.

In 2020, Texas poison centers had a 54% increase in snake calls.

About 5.4 million snakebites occur every year worldwide.

On average, five Americans die from a snake bite every year.

Honey bee stings and lightning strikes kill 20 times more people annually than all the rattlesnake bites combined.

Snake Bite Statistics in the US

Many snake bite incidents happen in the US every year, but it’s not as bad as other places globally. Let’s see what your chances of a snake bite in the US are like.


  1. Venomous Snakes Bite 7,000–8,000 People in the US Every Year.

(Source: Outside Online)


57% of snake bites happened to people handling the snake.

85% of bites are to the hands and fingers.

Only 13% of bites occur on the legs or feet. Also, it’s very rare for a snake to bite above the ankle.

But that’s not all. Let’s check out more snake bite facts.

  1. 28% Of Those Bitten by a Snake Were Intoxicated.

(Source: Outside Online)

  • Generally, we don’t recommend handling a snake, especially if you’re impaired. Intoxicated people have a very slow reaction time.
  • 55% of bites are to males between the ages of 17–27.
  • On average, five Americans die from a snake bite every year.

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