Washington County News April 17, 1911

Littlefield, April 17- Albert and Joseph Frehner returned from Kingman recently, and Harvey Frehner stayed in the muddy valley to water their grain.

Albert had the misfortune to have one of his fingers smashed so bad that it only hung on a little skin but is getting along nicely. The report that was around about Harvey being hurt on Stockton Hill was not as bad as was reported. He is getting along fine.

We have had the coldest weather here last week that we ever experienced killing very near all the grape crop and other garden stuff. It also froze some lucern so that it is being cut to give it a new start.

Edward Knight and family have moved from here to the Muddy Valley to make that their future home. We wish them good luck as they are good citizens.

Sam and Arthur Reber are working on what is known as Slim Creek below the muddy valley. They expect to be gone all summer.

There is a sewing club organized here among the going girls with Maud Reber as president, they surely are doing good work.

We have had an epidemic of colds and grip which did not slight anyone, old or young.

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