I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you some of my thoughts from my travels around Nevada.

Over the past five months, I’ve traveled across the State in my campaign bus from Mesquite to Pahrump, Elko to Reno. I’ve listened to the voices of voters and I’ve been sharing my policies with passionate, like-minded Republicans. Here is what Nevadans are telling me.

The first major concern that I hear from voters is Healthcare.

Did you know that there are no more doctors in rural Nevada?

All our rural doctors have been sucked up by the big hospital systems in Reno and Las Vegas. This is all thanks to Dean Heller and Obamacare.

The second biggest concern is our public education system. Our State is ranked 49th out of 50 in public education. This is a statistic that shocks and appalls me. I have personally attended 14 school board meetings in Washoe, Douglas and Carson counties where I have confronted the Marxist school boards over their mask and COVID vaccine mandates and their push to implement Critical Race Theory.

Our third biggest concern is the violation of our civil and constitutional rights by our government. Sisolak abused the Nevada and US constitutions with his shut down of our businesses, schools and churches and his decrees that all State County and Municipal workers must take the COVID vaccination. Sisolak is a man drunk with power.

Finally, all Republicans are concerned about voter integrity. Hundreds of people have expressed their concern to me, about this and this issue is my top priority. On Day One, I have a plan to get Voter ID and rebuild confidence in our electoral system, for all voters.

These four main concerns will be at the forefront of my plans from Day One of my election victory. A vote for me, Dr Fred Simon, is a vote for a constitutional conservative to reform and improve our great State and lead Nevada back to the heart of our communities for generations to come.

Thank you for your support. And please forward this email to your friends and other like-minded conservatives.

Best Regards,

Dr Fred Simon

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