The pandemic sought to be a long and lonesome road for many…as many found out, too much togetherness just didn’t work out very well, while others engaged in online activities in hopes of finding a new friend. What a lot of people learned is that many of the sought-after relationships often turn out to be more than platonic; then leading to sexual relationships.

Online dating sites increased anywhere from 50% to 700% through 2020; video calls and actual dating. Sites such as Bumble, Tinder, and Hinge all saw huge increases, not to mention the average time that conversations took place between individuals, which also became longer during the course of the pandemic. Others like and EHarmony are still around, but they paved the way for how people search for dates, and or companionships. Today, it’s become the new way to meet people and potential life partners; though one must realize these sites don’t guarantee the possibility of becoming a victim of fraud (Catfished) or worse. Always do your own backgrounds check and always meet in a public place.

Companionship is all some people are looking for; someone to go to a concert or movies with. Maybe you don’t like dining alone, or are on a quest for some great conversation and a night out, but definitely NOT in the market for any sexual ties; there’s a site just for this at . This is strictly for people wanting companionships and nothing more; a purely platonic relationship. In fact, depending on your personal preferences and whatnot, you could even make it a side gig. This is perfect for an extrovert type personality and you can actually charge what you believe is worth your time; it also depends on the activity chosen for the meeting. If some are looking to attend an occasion of sorts (a show, ball game or concert) from what I understand, some choose not to charge anything at all; tickets are very expensive these days. This site has been around since 2009 and was created by Scott Rosenbaum; and no doubt it’s been successful since. I didn’t find anything negative really; especially considering the horror stories of online dating relationships. has a variety of activities listed on their front page, so one can easily navigate what they’re looking to do and the kind of person who enjoys the same. I’ve been following this site and was pleased to find that they are constantly updating. I mention this because I found a similar site that was launched this past year and no one seems to be doing much there or updating, so beware and always take extra precautions. Knowing that rent a friend is still going strong, it comes as no surprise that so many people would just like a ‘go-to’ person (platonic friend) to do things with, laugh with and so on. In fact, I’ve read many comments from people saying that they’ve often become ‘real’ friends in the end, with no money being exchanged whatsoever. There may have been some weird experiences here and there, but nothing more than that. With that being said, I’m sure this site will continue to grow, as the public remains a bit uncertain when it comes to this virus. Our world has become even more techno savvy, and this pandemic propelled certain sites to soar, not-to-mention so much of what we do today online, clearly posing to be problematic for those used to being around others in-person; it’s about human contact. For what it’s worth, talking to people is beneficial and keeps us on our toes, as it helps to develop social skills and keeps life interesting…and who wants to be bored, I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there before. Having platonic relationships is healthy and usually stress-free; make a new friend today and see where life takes you.


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