On Monday, April 25 the LDS Stake Center senior group hand cut some potatoes, threw patties on the grill then served up some great burgers, fries and fun.

The Sunny Strummers, a Sun City Ukulele Club, entertained the crowd with some fun and familiar sing-a-long songs.

The Sunny Strummers began about two years ago under the direction of Pricilla Steelman although some of the members had previous experience and other members are self-taught.

According to Linda Shannon the ukulele is an easy instrument to learn. You don’t have to deal with learning notes, only chords. Sheet music for the ukulele is also written different than regular sheet music. An added treat was brought to the table by Shannon who also plays the harmonica; who knew?

There are four different types of ukuleles, soprano, tenor, baritone and bass. LeAnna Lovado plays the Bass ukulele. She has to use an amplifier because she said without it, people wouldn’t be able to hear it.

Linda Nelson did an outstanding job as the MC for the program. Jim Iversen is the normal leader of the group but he asked Nelson to step in because he felt she’d be the better one for the audience made up of Nelson’s fellow ward members.

The Sunny Strummers have played around town quite a bit. They’ve played often at the Mesa Valley Estates and have done fundraisers and events such as the one Monday night.

There were around 125 people, and everyone had a great time. Fellowship, food and fun; you just can’t ask for more…except cooperative weather and that was perfect too.

Below are some highlights from the evening.

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