(Annie Black) – First there was “new” math.  Then there was “fuzzy” math.  Now we have “social justice” math.

And my blood is boiling.  As Biden would say, here’s the deal…

According to an Associated Press article in early April, Critical Race Theory (CRT) “is a way of thinking about America’s history through the lens of racism,” including “teaching certain concepts to schoolchildren, such as white privilege, systemic inequality and inherent bias.”

The AP goes on to claim: “There is little to no evidence that the theory itself is being taught to K-12 public school students.”

Fact Check: FALSE.  No wonder they’re called “fake news.”

Evidence has been presented from school districts all across the country, and CRT isn’t restricted to history lessons.  It’s also creeped into math instruction, as I was shocked to learn first-hand recently.

But before I get to that, consider this fairly well-known “old” math problem…

“Train A leaves the station traveling at 30 miles per hour. Two hours later train В leaves the same station traveling in the same direction at 40 miles per hour. How far from the station was train A overtaken by train B?”

Pretty straightforward math problem, right?  Nothing political.  Doesn’t even say they were government-subsidized Amtrak trains.

But don’t expect many Nevada students to be able to answer this question correctly.  Our government-owned/union-managed schools have a hard enough time teaching kids that 2+2=4.  Indeed, according to Public School Review, only 36% of Nevada students are proficient in math.

So you’d think our “professional” educators would focus on teaching addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, right?  Alas, today they seem only focused on division…but not the math-type of division.

Instead, they’re promoting the garbage of racial division.

While CRT is primarily focused on history, it’s seeping into math instruction as well.  Last December, Catherine Gewertz wrote in Education Week…

“As racial inequity soars on the nation’s radar, math teachers are increasingly bringing social-justice questions into their classrooms to help students see the subject’s relevance and recognize that they can use it to become change agents in the world. …

“Many teachers prefer to think of math as a neutral zone, where the ‘universal language’ of numbers doesn’t include highly charged events of the day – and prefer to keep it that way. But advocates of social justice math argue that that approach misses something important: the chance to help students use math to understand and critique the world around them, and find ways to change it. …

“Typically, the use of civic and social issues to teach math is being led by teachers in their own classrooms. Occasionally, districts are supporting the practice districtwide. … Most social justice math is unfolding in middle and high schools, but some elementary teachers are linking the topics, too.”

And, yep, “social justice math” has made its way into Nevada!

My son, a junior in a Clark County high school in Mesquite, recently came home with a math assignment from his AP Statistics class.

The lesson deems to explore: “Was there racial discrimination during stop and frisk?”  Here’s the set-up…

“This 2011 data is a random sample of police stops from New York’s ‘Stop and Frisk’ program.  The program allowed police officers to stop people on the street and search them for weapons or contraband.  The program was controversial.  Critics alleged that it led to heightened police discrimination of people of color.”

It then provides a chart of “stops” broken down by race – Black, Hispanic, White – and by the level-of-force used, including “push to wall/ground, handcuffs, draw/point weapon, pepper spray, baton.”  Students are then directed to calculate the “marginal distribution” by force level and race.

This isn’t instruction.  This is indoctrination.  And it does nothing more than fan racial flames and sow racial division.

I wonder how these race-hustlers would react if a conservative teacher did something similar.  For example, can you imagine how many liberal heads would explode if a teacher handed out this math problem for students?

“The city of Baltimore is 68% black, 68% of its police officers are black, 58% of its firefighters are black, 86% of public-school students are black, 72% of teachers are black, 90% of city council members are black, the mayor is black, the chief of police is black and 54% of the population is on welfare.  Calculate the marginal distribution of blame for poverty and crime in Baltimore by white and black people.”

See what I mean?  Can you imagine the shrieks and howls of righteous indignation from the left if a kid ever came home with a math problem like that from school?

But back to the actual math problem my son was given…

At first, I thought this lesson was part of the official Clark County School District curriculum.  But then I noticed at the bottom of the handout a disclaimer that it was “adapted from the Skew the Script curriculum.”

And since I’d never heard of “Skew the Script,” I did a little checking…

Dashiell Young-Saver re-wrote his Advanced Placement statistics course and created the Skew the Script website “to host lessons that use topics like wealth inequality and immigration to explore statistics concepts.”  He further explains…

“Teaching math is a political endeavor. Often, math teachers try to avoid this simple fact by using ‘non-political’ worksheets of purely numeric processes. Yet, to take this action is to make a political decision – the decision to rob students of the tools they need to make sense of their sociopolitical world.  We firmly believe that teaching socially relevant math prepares students to become more informed and engaged citizens.”

Young-Saver goes on to claim that “While our lessons are sometimes political, they are not partisan.”


Here’s a sampling of some of the topics covered in the Statistics lesson plans highlighted on his website…

  • Policing and Race
  • Race and Job Hiring
  • Inequities in Education
  • Gun Control & Gun Violence
  • Predictors of Mass Shootings
  • Is Climate Change Real?
  • Income & Food Access
  • Gender Bias in STEM
  • Male Insecurity
  • Affirmative Action & Discrimination
  • Claims about Migrants
  • Food Stamps
  • Teacher Pay & Wealth Inequality
  • 2016 Election [Clinton vs. Trump]

Nah, nothing partisan there, is it?

Anyway, it appears the teacher in question – Jan White (total pay & benefits for 2020 = $132,000) – ignored the official curriculum she was hired to teach and decided on her own that race-baiting and fueling “white hate” was critical to teaching math to our kids.

Without parents’ knowledge.

I know I sure didn’t know about this in advance.  If I had, I’d have been screaming bloody murder.

Interestingly, in addition to providing lesson templates, Skew the Script also provides a template “Letter to Parents” teachers can use to advise parents of the use of this controversial teaching platform.

I never received any such letter.

So it appears this teacher did this on her own, in the shadows and behind closed doors, hoping no one would know.  Unfortunately for her, the cat’s out of the bag now.

Parents had a right to know, in advance, that this math teacher was going to teach CRT-type racism.  We also have a right to know if this was a teaching decision by a rogue social justice warrior or if this was sanctioned by the school and/or the school district.

I’m on it.  Stand by for updates as I learn more about who’s responsible.

Yours in color-blind liberty,


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“Bureaucrats in DC shouldn’t be deciding what your children learn at school.  My bill, #HR899, is only one sentence long: ‘The Department of Education shall terminate on December 31, 2022.’” – Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY)

5 thoughts on “Annie Black for Congress-Annie Grams”
  1. Do you realize that you have to let her primary opponents write an op-ed? I assume you have reached out to them.

    As for her ridiculous column, it is pure BS. Do you remember when Annie rounded up some armed people to protect the Mesquite Cemetery during the very peaceful prayer walk in support of George Floyd? She and other Trumpers were afraid BLM would show up. Only the local high school kids and some adults from Mesquite showed up. Racism? Absolutely.

    Do you remember that Annie believed the big lie and was in DC on 1/6? Any elected official who tried to overthrow our government should never get elected to any office. Trump knows he lost but pushed the Big Lie. Anyone who believed the Lie is too stupid to run for office.

    Do you remember when Annie claimed Covid was a hoax and put Mesquite at risk by holding maskless rally’s. To date, Annie refuses to acknowledge that over one million Americans died from Covid. Again, she is unfit for any office.

    Sam Peters is by far the best choice on June 14th. He has a college degree. Annie barely got out of high school. Sam runs a very successful business. Sam is a decorated combat veteran. Sam is endorsed by Mayor Litman. No one knows Annie any better than the Mayor. Ask Bob Sweetin for his opinion about Annie. The choice is clear.

    1. Dear me…. David,
      Annie didn’t force anyone to attend the rallies therefore SHE put zero people at risk. It was our choice NOT to wear masks, not hers. We put ourselves at risk (according to you, not us) Annie didn’t get her gun and hold it to any heads to get us there.

      I’m not obligated to reach out to anyone to ask for their opinion, if they want to share it, they can send it to me just like you do. I have a free speech policy and live up to it. I didn’t reach out to Annie.
      Annie NEVER rounded up a group of armed people to protect the cemetery. The veterans protected their own. Annie was with one other person, not a group of people and they weren’t waving guns…neither were the veterans.
      IF you had bothered to research instead of judging, you’d have seen the total social media blow up on the subject. There were parents afraid that some members outside the community would show up and cause trouble because that’s what was being spread. BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY; right David? What if nobody showed up and there was trouble? You would have criticized that as well.

      I don’t believe anyone has been charged or convicted of “Trying to overthrow the government.” I don’t believe anyone has been charged with insurrection either. Mostly they’ve got trespassing or disorderly conduct. Free speech is still a first amendment right until the Government assholes take that away too. There are now forming a Ministry of Truth. They’re also blaming it on Trump…Psaki said it was a continuation of the Trump policies…Mayorkis said it’s brand new…more hypocrisy and now they can’t even keep their stories straight. They didn’t form it until Elon Musk was trying to buy Twitter. The Ministress of Truth said just a couple years ago that any regulation of our first amendment by the government is a bad thing (Of course, that was said while Trump was still in office)…now she’s in charge of regulating it. Such BLANTANT Hypocrisy.
      After Fauci’s complete 180 on covid and the pandemic being completely over/not over AND his refusal to attend the White House Correspondent dinner because of “Threat of infection” BUT attended every preparty leading up to the actual dinner. What a hypocrite. Nobody believes him about covid and haven’t for a while now. With Phizer having to disclose their FDA approval documents…EVERYBODY is finding out…covid and the vaccines were huge lies. And we still don’t have an approved vaccine in the US. India doesn’t have a vaccine at all because they refused to sign the no-liability clauses the pharmaceutical companies asked for.
      You should get back to the US, there are a lot of things being disclosed here lately.

  2. At least Comrade Annie will not win the primary. Sam Peters has the support of the state GOP and almost all the important endorsements. However, due to the Roe v Wade turmoil, the Democrats will run the table in Nevada this November. No one will beat Horsford.

  3. David,
    If you would get your information from a source other than CNN, NBC, ABC, etc. etc. you would find that President Trump actually did win the 2020 election. There is so much proof out now of all the voter fraud that took place in Georgia, Michigan, Arizona and even here in Nevada! If you watched Mike Lindell’s program on how they shut down the voting machines and changed the votes and also 2000 Mules showing people stuffing mail in ballots into private voting boxes you might get it.
    I have spent the last two and a half years in Florida which had the least restrictive policies in place thanks to Governor Ron DeSantis and trust me, Florida was THE place to be during the “plandemic”. Florida didn’t have any higher fatality rates than any other states and the overall population faired much better. You can also take a look at Sweden who had no controls in place and did very well. Proof has come out that masks are useless (and are more likely detrimental to your health) and that the “vaccines” don’t do anything except kill your natural immunity. More vaccinated people are getting sick than the unvaccinated and it’s only going to get worse because vaccinated people have a very good chance that their immune system has been compromised.
    Sam Peters has never held office but has run several times and lost. He also makes unsubstantiated claims against Annie Black and when I personally asked him for the bill numbers and the data/ordinance numbers for the legislation that she voted on, Mr. Peters had no answers! His last liable/slanderous remark stated that “Annie Black joined liberal Democrats and voted for Bill 424 to let violent criminals and rapists out of jail on bond” is a complete and total lie. Bill 424 says no such thing! If Mr. Peters would check, Bill 424 changed a law that the court system was using that was shown to be unconstitutional.
    And the fact that Mr. Peters is indorsed by very Liberal police associations and Mr. Litman shows that he is nothing more than a RHINO trying to maintain the Democrat’s hold on Nevada.
    Annie Black has shown she stands up to Liberal politicians and policies and will fight for all Nevadans. And calling her “Comrade Annie” is nothing more than a personal unfounded attack on a political challenger and shows the type of person that is David Petrillo.

    PS: If you or any others would like proof of anything I have said please let me know and I will provide such proof. (Not that you will believe anything not spoken by MSM!)

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