Washington County News April 25, 1910

Littlefield, AZ, April 25- County Assessor F. S. Hunt was her on the 21st, and Census Enumerator D. O. Cluck of Kingman was her on official business. They speak of glowing prospects of a railroad coming to this country and what a garden of Eden it would open. They also said that the time was not far distant when the dam at the Narrows would be a sure go…hurry along gentlemen.

Our first crop of Lucerne is being cut and stacked with a very good crop. Grain is heading out fast and it will not be long until we will be ready to cut it.

Joseph H. Reber and Edward Knight have just returned from the Muddy Valley where they went to see the country and bring back rock salt with them.

The cattlemen of this place have been out for a few days to round up their cattle for John Dalfs of Las Vegas.

The “Old Folks” reunion on the 22nd was enjoyed by all of our old vets at Bunkerville.

The telephone line is being built from here to the Beaver Dams.

Washington County News April 26, 1911

Bunkerville, April 26- The farmers are putting up their first crop of hay but the wind has blown such a gale the last few days that it makes hay hauling as well as other work quite hard.

Sheriff Sam Graf has been here during the week to get jurymen for the coming session of cour to convene in May.

Several of the men and boys have gone down on the river today to hunt cattle.

Albert Hafen has gone to Las Vegas on business.

Washington County News April 27, 1911

Mrs. Stephen Bunker and family were in town Sunday en route to their summer home at Grass Valley from Bunkerville, Nevada.

From the Santa Clara Section

Harmon Tobler of Bunkerville, Nevada is here on business and visiting relatives and friends. He reports the hayfield in excellent condition and the grape crop looking favorable.


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