Clark County School District is pissing off a lot of parents after the school board approved changing the curriculum for their Sex Education Program.

While most of the changes have been approved for the High School students, the change does reach out to those as young as fifth grade.

As a parent, I would be horrified if my children partook in such lesson plans in elementary school.

“Rights, Respect, Responsibility:
Don’t Have Sex Without Them
A Lesson Plan from Rights, Respect, Responsibility:
A K-12 Curriculum
Fostering responsibility by respecting young people’s rights to honest sexuality education.”

Why does the Clark County School Board feel the need to sexually educate a 10 or 11-year-old?

Social Media pages are buzzing:

Denise Houston wrote, “All parents better stay involved and know what’s happening…when did this become more than a class on changes of the body? That escalated fast!

For the record, I always read and viewed the curriculum (I asked the school nurse for it) before my older kids took the body changes course in 5th grade. I never sign anything without fulling reading every word. Be involved in every decision!!!”

Jodi Thornley added, “These same lessons were on the agenda last year when I served on the Sex Education Advisory Committee. WE were able to stop it but they keep adding these to the agenda and this year it passed. We as parents need to stay involved and apply to sever on these committees! The trustees typically approve what the SEAC suggests. Please get involved before it gets to the trustees. Thank you to Katie Williams, our trustee, for making a motion to remove this item from consent agenda for a separate vote. It was seconded by Ford but failed to get enough votes.”

Judy Metz wrote, “This is just disgusting. These are discussions for parents and their children. Even counselors or church. Not publicly, in a classroom, with people who are mostly strangers. I would have been horrified to act out a scenario like this. At the very least, only with parental consent.”

Judith Sargent commented, “Oh lord this can’t be real. It doesn’t have the curriculum that we can interpret and evaluate for ourselves. This is opinion only.”

Amy Carrillo Davis said she read through the curriculum and supplemental lesson plans and, “It’s bad.”

The feeds go on to display many comments from parents who are all appalled by this recent change.

Many parents are saying, “This is why I home school my children.” Many are talking about pulling their kids out of CCSD because it’s getting worse by the minute. One parent mentioned suing the school district.

For a more in-depth look at what they are pissed about click here: 04.28.22 Sex Ed 3.03 10-Lesson-1-3Rs-

and here:


2 thoughts on “Sex Education is a contentious issue with CCSD’s parents”
  1. God help us. The GOP hates teaching anything about love and sex. They think sex is dirty and disgusting. They love a person who raped and abused women and treated them like dirt yet they are against discussing it in school. The hypocrisy is astounding. Love and sex are natural human emotions. Only the GOP can make them into something filthy.

    1. God help you if you believe that teaching a 10-year-old that it is ok to have sex is appropriate. What part of teaching this to fifth-graders did you miss?

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