(Sigal Chattah) – The campaign being waged by Tisha Black – my GOP primary opponent in the Nevada attorney general’s race – is showing voters that she’s a liberal snowflake whose skin is so thin you can see through it.

In our campaign, all I’ve done is simply point out facts…

  • The fact that she’s donated tens of thousands of dollars to Democrats over the years – including Steve Sisolak, Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto and Harry Reid.
  • The fact that she self-described as a “moderate” before deciding to run for AG, saying principled conservatives and liberals “are the same” to her.
  • The fact that she said, “I don’t have any problems personally with Aaron Ford.”  (It’s on tape)
  • The fact that according to an article published by MyVegas Magazine, she’s pro-choice on abortion and “believes in women’s right to choose.”
  • The fact that she refuses to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge promising to “oppose any and all efforts to increase taxes.”
  • The fact that her primary legal focus has been “helping businesses apply for licenses to sell marijuana,” not fighting Sisolak’s dictatorial, one-man-rule mandates.
  • The fact that she was put into the race and is being backed by the RINO (Republican in Name Only) Establishment of power-brokers, consultants, lobbyists and special interests.
  • The fact that she’s campaigning like a Democrat, including misrepresenting facts and throwing out untrue allegations of “racism.”

But Tisha is not someone who takes criticism very well.

In an exclusive Nevada Globe story on the race and my new TV ad, her political handler shot this angry response to editor Megan Barth…

     “Sigal Chattah is lying. Tisha Black has never given a dime to Steve Sisolak.”

Note, he didn’t say Tish the Squish had never given money to Reid and Cortez Masto and a bunch of other Democrats.  That’s because she did.  Personally.  Under her own name.

Regardless, it’s technically true that “Tisha Black” never gave a dime to Steve Sisolak.


According to the Nevada Secretary of State’s website, “Trisha R. Black Chernine” – located at the same address as Tisha Black’s law firm – personally gave Sisolak $1,000 in 2015.

I guess her handler doesn’t think it counts if she gives the money to Democrats under her former married name.

As for other Sisolak donations – totaling $30,000 – she played the old Carson City Establishment’s game of making those through her family’s business, Clear River LLC.

Clear River is a recreational marijuana business, managed by her father, and for which she is a full-blown, registered Board Member…

Now, knowing Tish’s affinity for Democrats, and her consultant’s affinity for using seedy Democrat tactics, I’m guessing she’s gonna try to “pull a Biden” and claim she didn’t know anything about her father’s business dealings.

And if you buy that one, I have a beach house in Tonopah to sell you real cheap!

(I wonder if she’s left any laptops at Rick Harrison’s pawn shop?)

But back to Tisha’s meltdown in the Globe story.  She told Ms. Barth…

     “Sigal is delusional, and so is her ad. She’s a DUI lawyer, and not even a good one.”

Yes, I’ve handled DUI cases.  And like ANY lawyer – other than Denny “Never Lost, Never Will” Crane on the television show Boston Legal – sometimes you win; sometimes you don’t.

But all she had to do was look on my law firm’s website to see that I also deal in Family Law, Business Law, Tenant Law, Personal Injury Law and Criminal Law.

As for her little “and not even a good one” schoolyard taunt…

At least I’m not facing a $3.5 million malpractice lawsuit like the one she’s facing from a former client!

More on that another time.

Tish then flat-out lied about a high-profile HOA (home owners association) criminal case I was involved in a few years ago, writing…

     “The judge in that case said (Chattah) ‘Either shows an utter lack of understanding for the law, or she’s trying to intimidate the association and homeowners.’”

That statement was NOT made by the judge.  That statement came from opposing counsel (not “council,” as she writes it).  You could look it up.

Tish is also claiming I was “investigated by the FBI” in that case.

But she’s confusing me (confusion seems to be her natural state) with another attorney in the case, Keith Gregory, “who according to prosecutors, was secretly on Benzer’s payroll while providing legal advice to Vistana and Sunset Cliffs as their general counsel.”

If Tish had actually read the media reports on the case, she would have seen that I was actually “among the government’s trial WITNESSES (my emphasis).”

The bottom line is that Tisha Black – a contract lawyer, and not even a good one if the allegations in the malpractice lawsuit against her prove true – has a problem with lawyers who represent individuals accused of a crime in high-profile cases.

You know who else represented the accused in a high-profile case?

John Adams.

The second President of the United States actually represented the British soldiers who were accused of killing American colonists in the Boston Massacre.

Adams, the Constitutional Rights Foundation reports, “believed that it was vital that the British soldiers and their captain receive fair trials” and that “the cause for self-government would be damaged if Boston justice turned out to be little more than lynch law.”

I’m with John Adams.

Tish is with Joe Biden.

And Harry Reid.

And Steve Sisolak.

And Catherine Cortez Masto.

And Aaron Ford.

“As Nevadans learn more about her shady past, I trust they’ll have an easy decision to make in the voting booth.”

And then our little Black snowflake can have her final meltdown.

Hope we all don’t drown in her liberal tears!


“Chattah has gained popularity among Republican activists for her lawsuits challenging decisions from Gov. Steve Sisolak’s administration regarding the state’s vaccine rollout, occupancy limits in churches amid the pandemic and restrictions to the legislative building during last year’s session.” – Jazmin Orozco Rodriguez, Nevada Independent

Ms. Chattah is an Israeli-born Las Vegas attorney running for the Republican nomination for Nevada Attorney General

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